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Author Topic: Torch referencing  (Read 2771 times)

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Torch referencing
« on: May 04, 2009, 01:30:05 PM »
I made G code file using THC300-G31 post processor.
I expected to see torch referencing before every hole (hole diameter 45 mm), like is stated in post processor abstract:
"The torch is referenced at cut start and every 500 mm of movement thereafter"
But I didn't see was I expected.
Instead, referencing occurs from time to time, and below is a sample of G code.
I want referencing before every cut, so, before every M03 macro
How to achieve this?

Code sample
N0120 (Process: Plasma,  0, Plasma, 2 mm kerf)
N0130 M06 T2  (Plasma, 2 mm kerf)
N0140 G00 Z50.0000
N0150 X1618.6000 Y726.4000
N0160 Z5.0000
N0170 G31 Z -100 F500.0
N0180 G92 Z0.0
N0190 G00 Z4.0000
N0200 G92 Z0.0
N0210 G00 X1618.6000 Y726.4000 Z5.0000
N0220 M03
N0230 G04 P0.5
N0240 G02 X1620.5676 Y726.0900 Z3.0000 I0.0000 J-6.4000 F1000.0
N0250 X1625.0000 Y720.0000 I-1.9676 J-6.0900 F960.0
N0260 M667 (THC on)
N0270 X1625.0000 Y720.0000 I-15.0000 J0.0000 F1500.0
N0280 M666 (THC off)
N0290 X1618.6000 Y713.6000 I-6.4000 J0.0000 F960.0
N0300 M05
N0310 G04 P15
N0320 G00 Z50.0000
N0330 X1418.6000 Y726.4000
N0340 Z5.0000
N0350 M03
N0360 G04 P0.5
N0370 G02 X1420.5676 Y726.0900 Z3.0000 I0.0000 J-6.4000 F1000.0
N0380 X1425.0000 Y720.0000 I-1.9676 J-6.0900 F960.0
N0390 M667 (THC on)
N0400 X1425.0000 Y720.0000 I-15.0000 J0.0000 F1500.0
N0410 M666 (THC off)
N0420 X1418.6000 Y713.6000 I-6.4000 J0.0000 F960.0
N0430 M05
N0440 G04 P15
N0450 G00 Z50.0000
N0460 Y526.4000
N0470 Z5.0000
N0480 M03
N0490 G04 P0.5
N0500 G02 X1420.5676 Y526.0900 Z3.0000 I0.0000 J-6.4000 F1000.0
N0510 X1425.0000 Y520.0000 I-1.9676 J-6.0900 F960.0
N0520 M667 (THC on)
N0530 X1425.0000 Y520.0000 I-15.0000 J0.0000 F1500.0
N0540 M666 (THC off)
N0550 X1418.6000 Y513.6000 I-6.4000 J0.0000 F960.0
N0560 M05
N0570 G04 P15
N0580 G00 Z50.0000
N0590 X1618.6000 Y526.4000
N0600 Z5.0000
N0610 G31 Z -100 F500.0
N0620 G92 Z0.0
N0630 G00 Z4.0000
N0640 G92 Z0.0
N0650 G00 X1618.6000 Y526.4000 Z5.0000
N0660 M03