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Pot and FRO problem using Pokeys

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Hi everyone,

I have set up my Pokeys, added 10k pot, and it works.

The problem is when FRO goes over 100%, e.g 134% (no matter) it flashes: once there is 100% for a short time, and then goes to 134%. This flashing is always when the FRO is set by pot over 100%. When the FRO is set under 100%, everything works fine. Note that Im using SS too.

I added in the brain also, as the manual says, ModIO:124 input (Im using 43th pin in Pokeys), formula (here Im able to adjust the FRO range), and terminated it to Feed Ovr-821.

I read all of the topic here, and still have no idea how to solve this problem.
All I found is solution for FRO which flashes around 100% value.

If someone could write any advices, please help...

Best Regards


Please download and instal latest software and latest plugin from
Please check behaviour of your pot with PoKeys software.
Tools --> view analog inputs
If reading here is not steady, your pot is probably bad.



Thanks for fast reply.

First I checked in Pokeys soft, is the pot working properly. It works just fine, pot is brand new, measured with multimeter.

Ok, I will try to check the soft and plugin versions, but I downloaded them last week, I supose.

Has anyone other ideas?

thanks in advance!


PS Here at Poland it is late at night now, so dont be angry if I reply with much delay...

SS limits the FRO to 100% that is where your problem lies.
 I have a plugin that puts the FRO back to Mach that I will test out tomorrow and if the results are good I am sure Greg will release it.

Thanks Hood:)

I really like to hear that new plug-in will be release.
I will test Pokeys analog alone, without SS, and see does the problem exist.

I will post the results later.



I checked analog input without SS, but with parallel port.
It works great:)

So, We are waiting for new plugin, I suppose not only I have these problems:)

Regards and thanks for interest in my problem.


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