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Bug Reporting
« on: April 09, 2009, 12:08:24 PM »
Brian just posted this on the Yahoo group. This will help streamline the bug traceing process and help Brian do what we all want him doing. Writeing code, fixing bugs in Mach and makeing improvements. Tell us what you think.

Hello all,
We are starting to put in a bug tracking system.. I will no longer be
able to take bugs via the list when this is up and running (going for
the single path).. My goal is the following :

1.) Public Bug list so you can see the status and if it has been
reported in the past.
2.) Brett and Hood will test to see that it can be repeated (if no set
path to repeat is found it will not make it to the Bug list). I know
there are times that this is the nature of the bug so we will keep a
list of such reports and will work on them in the background to see if
they are truly bugs)
3.) Bugs will be tested by Brett and Hood before they are release to the
public so I have a check after me  :)
4.) Based on the number of reports this will better help me figure out
what I should be working on  :)

This needs to be added because I have spent the week not working on code
but looking at bugs that people have reported.. Some valid, some not.
and with so much going on my list turned into a word jumble  :(  .  I need
a way to clear things up for me so i can more effectively use my time
(and have a life) . This should in the end help to make for a much
better product and help me get more code done! Brett and Hood will be
posting for help for people to test for bugs (Like Plasma systems and
other machines that need special hardware). All so if you would like to
talk about bugs here on the list we could have a link to the bug list
and the  bug number  :)  .

Tell me what you think about this if you would   ;)  (Flame retardant
underwear on and ready??? CHECK!)

;D If you could see the things I have in my head, you would be laughing too. ;D

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