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Author Topic: Need help triggering NextEngine scanner.  (Read 2127 times)

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Need help triggering NextEngine scanner.
« on: April 10, 2009, 10:06:32 AM »
I have a Nextengine 3D scanner that has a rotary table.  The table only holds 20 lbs. I have some heavy pieces I need to scan so I'm putting together a rotary table that I'll control with Mach.

The Nextengine software has an attachment feature that assembles all the scans. You manually align 2 scans and as long as you use the nextengine rotary table the rest of the scans will auto align. The work around for this is to leave the nextengine table plugged in but off to the side and then manually trigger the CNC table for every scan. I want to do this automatically.

I'm imagining something like a macro that says when I get a signal on pin #(?) run this code. The code would be the number of degrees I want the table to turn. This I really need help with.

Then I need to put a signal on the pin. One way would be to put a cam wheel and micro switch on the Nextengine table. The cam wheel would have the number of scans I wanted to do cut into it. When the table turns it triggers the switch.

I'm hoping for something better. The Nextengine table runs off of 1.5V dc. I'm thinking of triggering a 1.5V relay and that would trigger Mach. This should work but if I'm missing something I'd like to know.