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Boris, I need a hand from ya......

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Hey Boris,

    I got the PoKeys55......   I have added the "Help" button and code for the help Flash file. BUT.......

I installed the PoKeys device configuration software (not the mach plugin one), and plugged in the pokeys to a USB, when ever I open the Pokeys Device Config/testing app, it says, "no pokeys detected, run in demo mode?" I have tried several USP ports on the laptop it the software doesnt see it.

   I have a Laptop disaster last week, and was forced to purchase a Vista 64 bit windows laptop.......  Was just wondering what I am missing here? Is there a "special" USB driver software for the pokeys I am missing or something?



What you mean with laptop disaster? There should be the reason and PoKeys could be destroyed.
How about two LEDs on PoKeys? Are they lighting?
Please reinstall PoKeys software again.



It is highly unlikely that the USB driver will work with 64 bit Vista. I don't think Mach3 will either. You may end up needing VMware Workststion and setting up a virtual machine on your laptop which will run XP so that these programs can be run. I need that on my Vista64 laptop to run my cad programs. Adds about $200.00 plus XP to your costs though.


   My Laptop DIED, I was in TX week before last and accedently droped my laptop. This destroyed my laptop. I had to go and buy a new laptop. I had NO choice on new laptops, where the only computer store within driving distance had Vista 64 bit OS.

So do you have a fix? for Vista 64 bit?  I want to finish the update/help file and need to get this working. so if you can give me a fix, I would you appreciate that.



Our software guys will find a solution for Vista 64. They are working on it.




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