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Author Topic: Is this a (Z axis) problem (bug) or a Preference that I just don't understand?  (Read 6122 times)

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Please excuse my ignorance but why are you wanting to write a macro or put a VB button on the screen to do what Mach already does internally if you have the safe Z set up?

Thanks Brett.
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If anyone uses the set TCP button script, make sure to check and see that it is setting your TCP dros on the settings page. It is easy to check. Set your dros in machine coords. and click the button. go to settings page and Tool Change Location DROS should read the same as Machine dros. Jog it a bit in all 3 axis and click the button again. Again the machine dros and TCP dros should read the same.

"Set Tool Change Position Button

Response = MsgBox ("Are you certain you want to change the tool change position? This should be used for new set-ups only!", 1)
If Response = 1 Then

X = GetOemDRO( 83 )       "Machine coord DROs
Y = GetOemDRO( 84 )
Z = GetOemDRO( 85 )

Call SetUserDRO(1200,X)     "Tool change location DROS on the settings page
Call SetUserDRO(1201,Y)
Call SetUserDRO(1202,Z)

End If

   "Modified GoToZero Button

Zpos = GetDRO(2)
If Zpos <=0 Then          "If Z is less than 0
Code "G54 G0 Z0"
Code "G54 G0 X0 Y0"
Code "G54 G0 X0 Y0" 
Code "G54 G0 Z0" 
End If
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