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Author Topic: Plugin to run script on Shutdown  (Read 7286 times)

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Re: Plugin to run script on Shutdown
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Is the plug-in running through Windows Script Host?

I logged in as administrator, but I would like to run as a single user with limitations like a kiosk mode pc, for that I'm using SteadyState on XP.
My project is a Windows XP with a HMI flat panel, running a kind of kiosk mode, and it works perfectly well!!
The only thing I need, is to power off whole system when closing Mach3.

Just for test, running on Windows 10, works fine

Here I left the dialog asking for which user would run the vb script. I have to unchek protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity, and hit ok to exetute the script. After that all works fine.

So, I would start to read in some vb forums.