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I imagine a far easier option would be to use a different pin for the spindle.

The charge pump safety is another good trick, and I've sorted my spindle lockout safety as well. It'll disable the spindle while a switch is turned on, and - here's the clever bit - if the spindle is given an m3 or m4 command while the safety is engaged, the relay stays on and keeps the spindle locked out until m5 is issued and the spindle shut off. Then it's open to m3 and m4 again. Just stops the spindle running up the moment the safety is disengaged. it also locks out the drawbar motor and brake release as well, making sure the operator gets into the habit of using the safety.

A no-volt-release switch in line with the spindle would be a failsafe way of ensuring your fingers stay on, and very very simple. But I'd use a different pin anyway. You must have a couple spare.

 ;D Grand.  Much better.

I'm headaching out a small but effective spindle safety circuit which will lock out the spindle and enable the brake release, drawbar etc. to operate. Ideally the safety guards around the machine should lock-out the spindle contactor, but not everyone can easily fit this much guarding. :(

a good point, printer drivers are pretty dumb. I've never had this problem but then I set up my CNC box from a bare disk, and I've never installed a printer on it.

use a different pin? pin 1 is usually reserved for the strobe line.

A good point. I've seen no end of nuisance caused by lots of single phase equipment running together on different phases. It all stopped when we got our customer to fit it all to one phase only.

I've got all my 240v control gear, contactors, lamps etc. and 9V control supplies running off L1. L2 and L3 only do motors. So far i've had no problems doing anything despite pretty crappy shielding.

I'm very fond of my pin 1 strobe safety, which locks out all power to the contactors unless it can see 12.5KHz on its pin - And since mach3 starts in Estop mode, it hasn't clunked once since i wired the thing in. I could hear a few clunks and grumblings from the relays and contactors before i fitted the strobe safety, it's dead quiet during startup now. I'm also putting in an interlocked safety for tool changing so that not even an M3/M4 command will start the spindle while a tool's being changed. Worth doing since i won't be the main user of this machine... other people's fingers are VERY expensive.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Bridgeport Mill
« on: March 04, 2008, 08:38:09 AM »
I vote for Quill as it's the least astonishing idea - but both is an intreguing prospect. Could you get mach3 to understand the idea of two Zs working togther?

The  laser with its well-collimated beam should provide the potential for great  accuracy. I did have an idea for using a laser for homing - if a laser mounted at 90 degrees to (say) X shines upward  onto a black pad to prevent is  going into anyone's eyes. As X approaches it brings with it a highly polished peg of round bar which interrupts the beam. Reflecting off the round bar causes the beam to sweep downwards  rapidly  and  hit a sensor.  It's the  high sweep speed  that should allow very rapid triggering, especially if the sensor is mounted a distance from the peg.

General Mach Discussion / Re: PCI port card addressing woes
« on: February 29, 2008, 05:26:20 PM »
Normally  this  is what  happens.  The old (triangular)  card did not prompt WXP to display a Resources tab, and  no  resources   info could be found  by other means.

The MosChip item worked ideally, just  as it should.

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