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Back angle, what ever it means, has a dramatic effect on tool path. A change from .5 degrees to 5.5 degrees had the illustrated effect.

Hope this m9ight help someone or at least stimulate discussion.

Thanks Tony,

Till Art decides to give us a manual we have to define his terms to our our purpose and your seem to fit as well or better than anything I can conjure up.

As I learn by tinkering I will return to contribute anything positive that I can find.

Again, Thanks!

Hi guys,
Been reading till I got a headache and still have questions. Maybe some one can cleae some of these details for me.
I have the lic. and have succeeded in creating code from SOME of my drawings and the ones posted here.
I have discovered that the numbers on tool description can cause failure to create paths. Some of those numbers are more self evident than others. Will someone speak to the definitions of these terms please? I've provided a capture showing the ones that confuse me, but others could be completely awash.


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