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General Mach Discussion / Ref All Home
« on: September 04, 2018, 11:36:49 AM »

 Mach3   has decided to drive me of  my every loving mind!

I have a home built router with home switches and z probe plate installed. For years every thing worked just wonderful! On ref all home the y axis would cross the bed, touch the switch, back off and set zero. Then the x axis with slaved a would go to minus, touch off, square up the a axis last thing and set zero!   Great!

Then one day the Genie began to lose his miind! The y axis would start to move, but only an inch or so and stop and proceed to x axis. Then would not stop without repeated activation of both a and x home switches. Sometimes depressing the x switch while diagnostic screen is up will result in the led for x,y and a all lighting up.

Now and then the button script would disappear from the hard drive.

Tried different installations and different computers and the problem persists.

Most of my hair is now gone but not saving barber bills!


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