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LazyCam (Beta) / Re: How do I order chains?
« on: January 04, 2008, 01:18:33 PM »

Chip, thanks for your efforts. I really to appreciate it. This is really crazy though (nature of Techies I suppose). Everybody is trying to build the end all tools, yet of the 1/2 dozen products I've tried, NOT ONE will do the following basic stuff (at least as far as I can figure out). Worst part is, I can't even import a DXF directly in to Mach3, without using lazy cam, making it worse that it was when I bought it.

1. Import DXF (everybody seems to do this ok)
2. Click and rotate (orient) the drawing to the x/y axis (nobody seems to do this in a simple easy to use way, and my DXF's invariable import different than I need them laid out to cut)
3. Click on the point I want to be the 0,0 coordinate (I give up digging for how to set this)
4. Set tool offset (everybody seems to do this ok)
5. Ability do define chains segment by segment if desired
6. Have the ability to either click on a chain, then click it again to change machining direction, or set by segment/sub-chains.

This stuff all exists in parts and pieces across software, and seems fundimental. My parts couldn't get any easier, yet I have yet to find anything where I can load up my drawing and get Gcode. This is crazy.

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: How do I order chains?
« on: January 03, 2008, 08:45:36 PM »

Thanks for the info.
I'm not opposed to paying for it, but I want to ensure its going to work first. (e.g. the entities order, the tool offset not working etc.)

how do you create a Lcam file?


LazyCam (Beta) / Re: How do I order chains?
« on: January 03, 2008, 07:39:06 PM »
Thanks for the info. I guess my terminology wasn't clear enough.

1. My entire part is treated as one chain, but I need to order the entities. This is easier to understand if you consider I want to cut this out of stock just bigger than the part, and in one pass without re-clamping.
To do this, I need to order the chains different than the default, and I don't see a way to do this.

2. The tool offset doesn't work in the simulation "rat", using either inside or outside compensation

Here's a pic of my part.

LazyCam (Beta) / How do I order chains?
« on: December 31, 2007, 01:57:59 AM »
I got "Mach 3" when it was Master 5, and have been in and out for a few years.
I've grown quite fond of Solidworks, and now want to cut some parts using simple cam (I don't want to buy or learn anything complicated, and all my stuff is simple 2.5D with at most a little simple pocketing)
I exported a simplified model in DXF format and loaded it into the latest "Lazycam"

How do I order the chains?
1. I found how to select them individually, but not which direction or in which order. This is important because I have to cut a particular order out of the stock
2. There is no stock definition? - would be nice to see what I'm cutting out of.
3. There is no path simulation of the cut? - that would be nice too


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