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That is the manual for your drives.  It looks like you may need to wire the limits in parallel with the Galil.  :(


What drives are they?  Model # and make.  There has to be a way around that!  Hard to tell not being able to look at it and all...

Make sure that the motors are "enable" on the ports and pins screen.  No need to set step and dir pins.  Just enable them.


Galil / Re: Limit switch problem
« on: April 16, 2014, 08:08:23 PM »
LSCOM to -12v.  That will reverse the polarity of the signal.  One wire from RSLX/FLSX to one pole of the NC switch and the other pole to ground. Then play with the active low check box until it works.    That should do it. 


There is a video that best describes brains.  Not all I/O needs to be handled by a brain.  Limits and homes, for instance.  And general inputs that can be mapped in ports and pins.

For your limits, the drives probably output the limit signal as well.  My Yaskawa drives are like this.  Limits are wired to the drives and the driives provide a signal to the Galil which in turn supplies a signal to the Plugin/Mach.  It is imperative that the limits are hooked up if you plan on homing with them.  If you also have home switches, then it is not as important.  But it would still be nice to look at the Mach screen to tell if you have hit a limit.  So wire them if you can.


Yes, you need a spare axis to run the spindle.  However, if you only have a 3 axis Galil, you can control the spindle with other hardware or means.  A modbus capable VFD, for example.


MODCMDW probably.  The ICMs can be labeled wither way.

Galil terminal is Smart Term.  It has a terminal window that lets you type commands to the controller.  Yes, you have some reading to do!  :)

If you are talking to the card, then you are probably good to go with the plugin version.  So don't worry about that.


The Galil tools driver may not support the older 1842s.  :(

Make sure you use the Galil-st plugin with Smart Term.


Everything looks good.  Except I notice that your A,B, and C Galil axes have the default PID values.  Are you running analog servos with +-10v command signals?  If so, I bet you are going to have to do some tuning!  But the spindle config looks good.  

In the Galil terminal, what voltage dos the command OFD=5 produce on the MOCMDD with reference to GND?  


A lot of Mach videos here: http://www.machsupport.com/videos/
And the main Mach doc is here: http://www.machsupport.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Mach3Mill_Install_Config.pdf

Galil docs are here: http://www.galilmc.com/support/manuals.php  Get both the Command Reference and the User's Manual for your controller.  Read the user's manual first.  Top to bottom.  Then read it again.  LOL!  I'm not going to sugar coat it...  It is going to be painful!  :)  But I have found that with most technical docs, a person just doesn't start putting it all together until the second time through.  At least that is the way I am.  Chapters 3, 5, and 6 are the most applicable though.  So maybe read it once through and then re-read those chapters.


Ok, so I got the spindle working kinda... I get 0-10v out of my 4th axis (MOCMDW) the problem is the voltage is negative. Can I just hook the in reverse?

???  Not sure why you are seeing this.  What happens if you go to the Galil terminal and enter the command "OFD=5" ?

Again, make sure that KP, KI, and KD are set to 0.  Issue "KPD=0;KID=0;KDD=0" in the Galil terminal.  Then try the OFD=5 command again. 

Turn on logging in the Galil plugin config.  There is a check box to enables it.  Then re-start Mach and then directly close it.  It will produce a GalilDebug.txt file in the plugins directory.  At the top of this file, there will be a listing of the current Galil settings.  This might prove useful to see if there are any commands burned into the controller's NVRAM that could cause this.

Also how do I link buttons to commands in mach3? For instance: I have a green and yellow button, I'd like the to run cycle start and feed hold. How would I go about doing that?

You would typically wire them to inputs on your Galil and then map that input in "ports and pins"  Then you may need to write a Mach 3 Brian that looks at that input and operates an OEM button code.  There is a good video tutorial on Brains in the Mach documentation web links.  Once the mapping is done in ports and pins, it is all pretty much standard Mach from there on out for this task.