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Galil / Re: Galil HELP DMC-1842
« on: June 26, 2009, 04:59:52 PM »
All have version 1.  There is a minor level specified by a letter.  1.0q is the latest for the 18x2.  There should be no problem updating the firmware on your controller.  You do it through SmartTerm.  Download the 1.0q firmware from Galil and give it a shot.  It will probably take about 5 minutes total.  :)

Galil / Re: Galil HELP DMC-1842
« on: June 26, 2009, 10:19:34 AM »
I have not upgraded an 1842, but I have upgraded 1760s, 2172s, 1425s, 1348s, 2180s, etc...  They are all very similar.  What version does it have now?

Galil / Re: Galil HELP DMC-1842
« on: June 26, 2009, 12:30:50 AM »
There really should be no debate.  ;)  Mach3 and the 1842 will work well.

Galil / Re: Which servo amplifiers?
« on: June 20, 2009, 03:01:24 AM »

The 21x3 "Econo" controllers will do binary commands.  I think only the 18x2 "Econo" PCI controller won't do binary commands.  Either way, it's 350 microseconds (us), not milliseconds (ms).  So the interpretation is still very fast in the whole scheme of things.  The way the Galil Plugin is working now, not being able to do binary commands isn't even an issue.

If you don't need the extra I/O that the Accelera offers, I'd say the 21x3 is the way to go.  You can get an Ethernet ModBus I/O device far cheaper if you need more I/O.  But I have to say that the 40x0 Accelera controllers are sexy!  I have one sitting next to me right now and it is slick.  So the Accelera controller might be worth it if you have to have the slickest of the slick.  But the power and speed of the Accelera controller is simply not needed for our application.


Galil / Re: Which servo amplifiers?
« on: June 19, 2009, 11:27:39 PM »
Galil has a wonderful tech support staff that will talk to you for free.  Just dial their toll free number on their website and tell them what you want to do.  You need to give them the wattage of the motors and then they may have some suggestions.  I like the Yaskawa drives.  Are your motors DC brush or brush less (AC)?

The Galil controllers will operate an analog drive (+/-10VDC) in either speed or torque control.  And they will also a operate a drive with position control (step and dir).  I would opt for analog as you can run closed loop position control.  The current Yaskawa drives will do speed, torque, and position control, so you can take your pick.  

If you are planning on using Mach with the Galil, I would suggest a Galil controller that has Ethernet.  The DMC40x0, DMC21x3, and the older DMC21x0 and DMC22x0 models.  The 21x3 controllers are "Econo" controllers, but they do the job real well.  The PCI bus based controllers work, but they complicate cabling.  An Ethernet controller can be mounted right in the control cabinet with only one wire going to the Mach host PC.


I'll get that in the Galil Plgin ASAP Scott.  Thanks for the information!


It doesn't matter.  You won't be able to compile a working plugin with VS2005 anyway.  :(  You have to use VS2003.  Or there is a beta "framework" (for lack of a better description) that you can make a new plugin with VS2008.


The DMC20x0 USB Optima controllers have been tested now and they work fine.

And a word on the Galil Tools drivers... 

Galil Tools and the drivers provided therein do not work with the Mach Galil Plugin.  However, Galil Tools and Smart Term v7 drivers can coexist on the same machine and run Ethernet based controllers.  Since the means of communicating with the Ethernet controllers is the same, both packages will function.  The Galil Tools package installs a different driver for the bus based PCI controllers, along with a different API.  So if you are running a PCI controller, don't install the Galil Tools along with the Smart Term v7 stuff. 


A RIO or any other ModBus device will give you the I/O that you need to make all of that pneumatic stuff work.  The Galil will only have 8 inputs and 8 outputs in less than 4 axis form.  The ICM-20105 is a opto isolating breakout that uses D-sub connectors that are commonly available.  If your spindles are variable speed, you are likely to need a spare axis on the Galil to control them.  Depending on the spindles uses, of course.  Do they all operate at once?


Galil / Re: Galil 2133 or DSPMC/IP Motion Controller?
« on: June 04, 2009, 03:10:07 PM »
Yes, the Galil will be perfect.  Galil for the motion, ModBus for any extra I/O.  Get an extra axis on the Galil if you want to control the spindle.  Or maybe you can do spindle control over ModBus.  Scott can probably answer that.