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Thank you for the quick reply.  If I can, I will try getting a faster pc for the job.  I don't plan to anything other than add to my hobby with this machine....so hopefully I can get by with the 450 if I have to.

Thanks again,

I have had a similar issue with my setup (newbie... ;) ).  I have been testing a 4axis stepper machine using turbocnc...it verified that signals can be sent through the parallel port...turbocnc gives a message at startup that it is only going to work on LTP2 with address 03bc..??.  In the settings of turbo, I did indeed have to use this 03bc address to getting the steppers moving.  The PC I am using is very old, but runs on win2000 and the parallel port is on the motherboard.  When I installed mach2 as a test, it would not run.   I ran the test program and it seemed o.k.  I installed the special batch file, then mach2 would run...however, I did notice that in the bottom of the mach2 window there was a message that said "bad driver..."  I went into the setup window for the ports and pins and tried using 03bc both on LPT1, then LPT2...no luck.  If I re-run the test program for mach, it automatically installs the standard driver over the special batch file driver.  Then of course, the mach software won't startup..locks up the pc...

I will have another old, pc availabe this week (450mhz).  I figure this a good place to start as the PC I have now is questionable at best.  I was planning to install a clean hard drive and stuff all the ram it can take on the next pc with 2000 on it.  My question now is...if it were up to one of you experienced guys, what operating system would you use..xp or 2000?

I'm really looking forward to getting this thing going.  I have a fair amount of cnc experience.  I got the 4 axis machine for a song...it has gecko drives with a cyber cnc board.

Thanks in advance.


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