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General Mach Discussion / Multiple configurations for Mach 3
« on: December 07, 2007, 09:39:09 PM »
I am finally converting over to Mach3. I have several machines to control...a CNC lathe, mill, and plasma gantry. I use an electrically switchable set of motor controls for all machines. In other words, I use a 4 axis drive rack controller and the exact same type of motors on all machines. Obviously, I would never run but one machine at a time. Electrically the machines are the same, however the parameters such as accelleration and number of axis used (x, y for plasma, x,y,z for mill, etc.), I need a different configuration for each. My question is....how is it best to use Mach3 for this? I didn't see where I could load the config xml file when I start up Mach3. Most folks will be using a separate set of motor controls for each machine as well as a separate computer, Mach version, etc. I need to be able to switch configurations using the same computer. Does this make sense or am I not explaining it correctly? Have I missed something in the doc? I can draw up a picture and post it if this will help. Thanks for any help. Randy Ray

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