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Thanks Brain, I am not sure why I could be so dumb with getting that to work, but after going over it a few hundred times it still didn't work. After reading what you put above, realized I was putting port and pin to the same thing. Once I changed to port 1 pin 14, well darn everything works fine.

thanks and sorry for taking your time up Brain

Abbotsford, BC

Good morning Brain, and all others.
I took some time to go through everything again to see if I could figure this out, still having problems. First let me say x, y, z axis all work fine.
Now Brain using what you had above, I went to Output Signals and changed output # 1 to enabled , port 1 and pin 1, then to spindle setup and changed output for cw and ccw to # 1. On the Xylotex board there is a pin labled P1, hooked the SS relay to that pin, OK so far so good, my relay kicks in and turns on the spindle. Have not tried it with software yet just using the Diagnostic page to test it.

OK now the next step I am having problems with, I can not seem to understand how to get mist up and working also. Xylotex has number of pins along with the P1,,so if I was to use P14, could you tell me the set up. Now I double checked to make sure the SS relay was working, so it has to be me not getting things right, and have tried different setups in Mach to try.

Thanks for your help,
Abbotsford, BC

I would like to add my thanks to Brian and the whole team. We,,,I sometimes forget all the work that goes into a program like this. I know I get furstrated not being able to figure things out on my own, and still have problems getting things to work but still, thanks guys for all the great work.

Jim Neifert
Abbotsford, BC

Ok, thanks for your time Brain. I guess I am so confused about it that I can't even explain it right. My x, y , z and a axis work fine. Just that my spindle and mist relays will not turn on with commands from mach 3
Thanks again

Hi Brain, sorry if I was not clear, the two SS relays are not on the xylotex board, they only have a few pins to aid in hooking extras up. An expample is if you look at their board there is a breakout for say P10.

So I am unclear if I change the mist as you show above  to port 1 pin 10, will this supply the 5 volts the P10 on the xylotex board. I have tried this and there is something I am missing since it does not.

I have figured out most things with mach 3 by playing enough, maybe not always the right way but learning. This just seems to be something I can not quite get my head around.


If anyone uses a Xylotex board and has the two relays working for spindle and mist, might you give me a hint as to which pins you hooked to on the Xylotex board? I still can't seem to get either relays to work with software. I know they are wired correct since if I give either a 5 volt DC they turn on. Just can't seem to get my brain around which pin ,,port and connector I should be using.

Abbotsford, BC

Brain I know this is rather old, but have a question about mist relay. Using the above  for spindle relay would I just make the M7 and M8 use output#2 as in what you show for Relay control of spindle,,,ie Number 1
The problem I seem to be having is what pin to hook my SS Relays to on the Xylotex 3 axis board to make it all work.

thanks for any help
Abbotsford, BC

General Mach Discussion / Re: What Have I done?
« on: November 05, 2006, 01:53:01 PM »
We ready to give up yet???

Think I am getting there

General Mach Discussion / Re: What Have I done?
« on: November 05, 2006, 01:17:20 PM »
they are , or can be all at o.oo

General Mach Discussion / Re: What Have I done?
« on: November 05, 2006, 12:31:35 PM »
same with tool :0 view,,it is all the way up in the top of the display,,

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