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I have installed another PCI parallel port but I can not know the address, is written as the following:-
DFA0  - DFA7
DF98 - DF9F    this is the LPT2

DFA8 - DFAF               LPT3

I do not know the exact address, I would like to try this, other wise I will change the PC.

another this, I am thinking that my be the PC that , port parallel that does not work?

thanks for your help


Merci Hood,

I tried on my win7, port e800 and port 807, but there is no use. I tried on winxp too 387 and 278 , the same thing, parallel port on diag page of mach3 shows only 7 or 8 green led, that is all what i have.. i do not know where the problem is

really i need your help.

Thanks again

I have also another  PC, but where win7 is installed. I do not know if mach3 will work well with.

I can not test it because i can not know the address of the parallel port. I have attached 2 files, pics of the resource of the PCI,
you  might help me to know which one I should use as well as its correct address.


Yes ,

am sure of that, par defaut 378 the first one, check it again for being sure 200%.

thanks Hood


today I tried to test my machine, if everything is OK, like, home, limit, relay etc. but I was surprised that there is no connection between the machine and the PC. there is no led for the limits and home. mach3 is well installed, I guess, I rebooted the PC, pulse is excellent. I used soundlogic XML file. I have a PC with xp installed, administrator.. nothing  respond...lol

I do not know what is going on...

thanks for help

Thanks Brett and Hood and all other members too,

I Have more one question please, it is about The kernel speed. what do you think please, should I change it to 35000Hz or only let it as it sis, 25000Hz?

thanks again


hello again, Brett and also other members too.

I have one or two questions please,
In the attached file (step per unit) I have to put 600 as you have told me, that is OK and it is so clear,
but what should I put , in the second attached file (encoder) in the count/unit as well as the velocity?
or should I let them empty? I guess it is so easy to let them empty LOL.

Thanks again for your help


Ok Brett, thanks too much, i will try it, hoping it will be ok...

thanks again

ok I will try it later and let you know, thanks a lot for your great help.


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