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New to CNC.
If I use the bottom left corner (as seen on a CAD drawing or the Mach3 screen) would the DRO & the g-code show a positive number when the tool moves away from this Home position & then a negative to move back or is it a negative to move away from Home then a positive to move back ?
Also, on the Z axis is it a positive to move the tool downward toward the table/project to be cut, then a negative to move back up to home ?
Thanks all.

Just finished building a cnc router (3 axis, 40 inces X 60 inches). Used Logitrol Systems steppers & controllers. They recommend to use Mach2.  I would appreciate any comments, Mach2 vs Mach3.  Would like to know if there is any Mach users in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area ? New to cnc world & would like to get up & running the right way (mostly to save the machine & parts from early distruction, but secondly, to save my sanity). Thanks all.

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