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General Mach Discussion / Re: Problems with ver. ...062 on WinXP
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:51:46 AM »
No. It´s nothing wrong with the g-code

So you say. ;)
The attached file shows the pathing. Notice that the pathing is NOT based on the center of the sphere.

Did you get the same result on your machine with this g-code? What is then wrong with the code and why does it work properly on my win-7 installation?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Problems with ver. ...062 on WinXP
« on: August 07, 2018, 07:59:21 AM »
Looks like it is a problem with your generated Gcode.

If you attach your Gcode file it can be checked.

No. It´s nothing wrong with the g-code. It works properly on a win-7 installation I have on another PC. Here is the G-code:

G01 X0 Y0 Z27,5 F30
G01 X1,1813 Y0 Z27,4785 F30
G03 X1,1813 Y0 I-1,1813 J0 F30
G01 X2,361 Y0 Z27,4141 F30
G03 X2,361 Y0 I-2,361 J0 F30
G01 X3,5376 Y0 Z27,3069 F30
G03 X3,5376 Y0 I-3,5376 J0 F30
G01 X4,7095 Y0 Z27,157 F30
G03 X4,7095 Y0 I-4,7095 J0 F30
G01 X5,8752 Y0 Z26,9645 F30
G03 X5,8752 Y0 I-5,8752 J0 F30
G01 X7,0332 Y0 Z26,7299 F30
G03 X7,0332 Y0 I-7,0332 J0 F30
G01 X8,1818 Y0 Z26,4533 F30
G03 X8,1818 Y0 I-8,1818 J0 F30
G01 X9,3197 Y0 Z26,1351 F30
G03 X9,3197 Y0 I-9,3197 J0 F30
G01 X10,4452 Y0 Z25,7758 F30
G03 X10,4452 Y0 I-10,4452 J0 F30
G01 X11,5569 Y0 Z25,3758 F30
G03 X11,5569 Y0 I-11,5569 J0 F30
G01 X12,6533 Y0 Z24,9357 F30
G03 X12,6533 Y0 I-12,6533 J0 F30
G01 X13,733 Y0 Z24,456 F30
G03 X13,733 Y0 I-13,733 J0 F30
G01 X14,7946 Y0 Z23,9373 F30
G03 X14,7946 Y0 I-14,7946 J0 F30
G01 X15,8366 Y0 Z23,3805 F30
G03 X15,8366 Y0 I-15,8366 J0 F30
G01 X16,8577 Y0 Z22,7861 F30
G03 X16,8577 Y0 I-16,8577 J0 F30
G01 X17,8565 Y0 Z22,155 F30
G03 X17,8565 Y0 I-17,8565 J0 F30
G01 X18,8317 Y0 Z21,488 F30
G03 X18,8317 Y0 I-18,8317 J0 F30
G01 X19,782 Y0 Z20,7861 F30
G03 X19,782 Y0 I-19,782 J0 F30
G01 X20,7062 Y0 Z20,05 F30
G03 X20,7062 Y0 I-20,7062 J0 F30
G01 X21,603 Y0 Z19,2808 F30
G03 X21,603 Y0 I-21,603 J0 F30
G01 X22,4713 Y0 Z18,4796 F30
G03 X22,4713 Y0 I-22,4713 J0 F30
G01 X23,3099 Y0 Z17,6473 F30
G03 X23,3099 Y0 I-23,3099 J0 F30
G01 X24,1176 Y0 Z16,7851 F30
G03 X24,1176 Y0 I-24,1176 J0 F30
G01 X24,8935 Y0 Z15,8941 F30
G03 X24,8935 Y0 I-24,8935 J0 F30
G01 X25,6365 Y0 Z14,9755 F30
G03 X25,6365 Y0 I-25,6365 J0 F30
G01 X26,3456 Y0 Z14,0304 F30
G03 X26,3456 Y0 I-26,3456 J0 F30
G01 X27,0199 Y0 Z13,0603 F30
G03 X27,0199 Y0 I-27,0199 J0 F30
G01 X27,6585 Y0 Z12,0662 F30
G03 X27,6585 Y0 I-27,6585 J0 F30
G01 X28,2605 Y0 Z11,0497 F30
G03 X28,2605 Y0 I-28,2605 J0 F30
G01 X28,8252 Y0 Z10,0119 F30
G03 X28,8252 Y0 I-28,8252 J0 F30
G01 X29,3518 Y0 Z8,9542 F30
G03 X29,3518 Y0 I-29,3518 J0 F30
G01 X29,8396 Y0 Z7,8781 F30
G03 X29,8396 Y0 I-29,8396 J0 F30
G01 X30,288 Y0 Z6,7851 F30
G03 X30,288 Y0 I-30,288 J0 F30
G01 X30,6963 Y0 Z5,6764 F30
G03 X30,6963 Y0 I-30,6963 J0 F30
G01 X31,0641 Y0 Z4,5536 F30
G03 X31,0641 Y0 I-31,0641 J0 F30
G01 X31,3908 Y0 Z3,4182 F30
G03 X31,3908 Y0 I-31,3908 J0 F30
G01 X31,6761 Y0 Z2,2717 F30
G03 X31,6761 Y0 I-31,6761 J0 F30
G01 X31,9194 Y0 Z1,1155 F30
G03 X31,9194 Y0 I-31,9194 J0 F30
G01 X32,1206 Y0 Z-0,0487 F30
G03 X32,1206 Y0 I-32,1206 J0 F30
G01 X32,2794 Y0 Z-1,2195 F30
G03 X32,2794 Y0 I-32,2794 J0 F30
G01 X32,3954 Y0 Z-2,3952 F30
G03 X32,3954 Y0 I-32,3954 J0 F30
G01 X32,4687 Y0 Z-3,5744 F30
G03 X32,4687 Y0 I-32,4687 J0 F30
G01 X32,4991 Y0 Z-4,7555 F30
G03 X32,4991 Y0 I-32,4991 J0 F30
G01 X32,5 Y0 Z-5 F30
G03 X32,5 Y0 I-32,5 J0 F30

General Mach Discussion / Problems with ver. ...062 on WinXP
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:34:01 PM »
When i try to load a g-code with a half-sphere on winXP machines, the image comes out like this and the machining toolpath acts in the same way. It goes longer in -x direction than in the other directions. What may be wrong?

With version .062 I could only get it to run in offline mode. If I tried to press the reset button, it wouldn´t turn to green. What could be the reason for that?

It didn´t work with the latest version, So I had to install the version that end with .022 instead of the latest .066. Are there any differences between these or will the earlier version be just as good for me?

I have reinstalled  after a disc crash to a newer version of Mach3 and need to transport the files of config. settings from another Mach3 program which I have on another PC. So I need to know which of the files in the Mach library that contain these settings and registration code.

Can anybody here help me whit this issue?

General Mach Discussion / Logitech g13 as pendant?
« on: March 09, 2012, 08:04:03 AM »
Any experiences regarding this gameboard as Mach3 pendant? Can the Lcd sreen be used as readout for the x, y z positions?

Machscreen Screen Designer / Re: MachScreen releases
« on: March 08, 2012, 12:49:14 PM »
Sorry saved it on a copy map and tried to open it from the original map with the same name.

Are you sure that it will be impossible to change an already defined hotkey?

Machscreen Screen Designer / Re: MachScreen releases
« on: March 08, 2012, 10:31:20 AM »
Thankyou for the answer. I got a new problem when I tried to save the file with the file name 1024-3. This file didn´t show up when I tried to open a new screen in mach 3 mill. What can be wrong?

Machscreen Screen Designer / Re: MachScreen releases
« on: March 07, 2012, 08:10:24 PM »
Hello Klaus.
Will it be possible to import the original Mach screen into your program and make hotkeys to all buttons? I tried this with Screen4 but not all of them worked. Will your program be a better choice for this purpose?

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