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VB and the development of wizards / running batch files in VB
« on: November 03, 2007, 02:08:45 AM »
I am attempting to integrate the controls of my Canon PowerShot S70 into a Mach3 program. Before I continue, I should mention that I know very little about cnc, software, and electronics, in general. That being said, my theory for solving the above problem is this:

Write an M-code that runs a batch file that, in turn, activates/controls the shutter release on my camera.

Does anyone have any advice on this concept or the approach I am proposing?


Am I in fantasy land?

I can control the camera from the PSRemote software and a usb cable, but, as with even a remote control, I am still required to manually depress the shutter control. My hope is that I can integrate the shutter release into a mach3 program...

...maybe an M-code that runs a batch file that will activate the shutter release through PSRemote(?)
I don't know wheather this is feasible, as I am new to cnc, batch files, and electronics in general. Any help in this regard would be fantastic.


Thanks for the ideas.

The camera (Canon PowerShot S70) is controlled through a USB cable. I have thought about opening up a cable and trying to hardwire a switch, though I am fearful of losing the other functions that the cable/software provide.

After doing some more research, it looks like I can create a batch file in PSRemote that can trigger the camera, rename the image, save the images in a specified folder, etc. Now I need to research how to run batch files with the Mach3 software and hopefully Mach3 and PSRemote can work together to solve this problem. I will keep you posted.

If not, the solenoid is a fantastic idea. Thanks.


Hello all,

I am looking for clues on how I might go about triggering the shutter release on my canon point and shoot using the Mach3 software and the relays(?) on Campbell's breakout board. Anyone have any suggestions on options I might explore? ANY help would be greatly appreciated, as I am "new."


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