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General Mach Discussion / Problem with Mach3 "Run Program" screen
« on: May 09, 2006, 04:49:17 PM »
I am evaluating Mach3 at the moment and I have a really strange problem with it. When I select the "Program Run" button (either by clicking on it, or pressing ALT-1), when the run screen is displayed, many of the buttons and controls are not diaplayed (see attached jpg file).

To check this out, I installed MACH3 on another machine - and it does not exhibit the same problem. A re-install of Mach3 on the troublesome computer does not resolve the problem. I have NO other issues with the machine in question, or any of the software running on it.

The machine on which I have the problem is an AMD 3700+ Laptop with 512MB RAM, Win XP home with ALL the optimisations recommended for MACH3 implemented and ALL Microsoft fixes up to date. I know the first comment will probably be that a laptop is not ideal for running Mach3, but the driver test gives a rock solid pulse train, and the parallel port behaves itself - this issue with the buttins and controls is the only one I have (at the moment).

Problem occurs in R1.84.001 - Dev version D1.90.035 does not exhibit the same behaviour. 

Any and all help would be very much appreciated.

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