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THe original question was for code to rotate the A axis continously and you needed a tolerance of +/- .0001.

We told you that you cannot continously rotate the axis AND run independant code at the same time . THe option was explained AS you needed to program the A along with the xyz. AND that is what you did.

It was also explained that you could not hold the .0001 tolerance do to variables which really did not matter because your drawing showed +/-.002 tolerance.

SO you did MAKE a nice part, BUT it was nothing unusual or special as far as the technical ascept.

COme on down from the clouds and join the rest of us.  (;-) TP

I'm not in the clouds.

You would rather try putting down on someone rather than trying to help them.

I don't know it all and I don't claim too.

I made some errors in my typing and you jumped all over it, I sorry.

Yes you are right it has lead in/out.

Yea I guess your right.

But it’s nice to know I now can make a part with very tite

The original question was about moving the 4th  
axis simultaneously with another.

With no replies on how to do this I took a shot at it and it got the job dun.  

My mistake here is that I posted too much info about my part.

Guys don’t take this the wrong way but if I’m doing something wrong
that’s ok to tell me but take the time to show me the right way as well,
at least one of us will be better machinist at the end of the day.        

I'm sorry about the typo.
I was at work and in a hurry to get this stuff posted.
The point is that this can be dun and it worked for me and it may
help someone in the future.

If you'll notice the feed is F100.
The feed is very slow, I'm "guessing" that Mach is commanding the "A" axis
as it has a max feed of 1300 units/min and the X axis is following the A axis.

My bad +/-.0002

The little lip that is 4.495 is .063 tall.

So how would take that measurement and what would you use?

I wrote the code by hand with deadly accurate results!

N4 M5M6 T4
N5 G43 H4
N6  M03 S2500
G00 Y0.0 X-3.56
G01 X-3.5 A-35 F100
Z-3.56 A-420
G00 Z.312
G01`X-2.4975 A-1490 F100
X-1.320 A-1900
X-1.25 A-1920
A-2340 X-1.2
G92 A0.0
M9 M5

Is there anybody that would be so kind as to post a little peace of code to help me out?

Hi Guy's,

I have a job in the shop that requires some tight tolerances for some round holes  +/-.0001.  
I tried doing this in one set up but I'm getting a variation of .00015 between the X & Y axis.
The holes are not round.  
This job should really be done in a Lathe, but all I have is a manual Lathe in the shop and I have to make 30 parts to make so
I'm going to try to do this job in the mill.  
This is an adapter plate with 2 sets of hole patterns and some counter bores and alignment steps.
What I would like to do is sit my 4th axis up and rotate the 4th axis as I move the end mill across one axis (X or Y) as a 4th axis turns my part.
If one of you guy's could just show me a little piece of code that would rotate my 4th axis continuously, I can take it from there.

Here's a Youtube clip of what I'm trying to do. You will have to watch it about half way through to see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for your time,

Modbus / Re: Can A Modbus control a.........
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Thanks Hood!

Modbus / Re: Can A Modbus control a.........
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What is PP?

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