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Thanks for the info. I am at a trade show at the moment and will be back in the office tomorrow. I will indeed directly e-mail you when I am back on track. I will do a seach to find more info on the motor. It does not bother me calling the UK but we will sort that out over the coming days. Take care for now.


Thanks for your enquiry. I believe we can help you out here, however we will need to know a little bit more about your motors as we need to look at what current you are drawing and also the inductance of the motors. Can you PM me with your phone number so I can give you a call. If this is not convenient, I am happy to contact you via email. The encoder res is not an issue, we can also take single ended or differential feedback.



Thanks Ben,

For those who are interested, you can also download the datasheet and user guide for our new servodrives directly from the links below.

Datasheet and User Guide covers both 80V and 200V versions. ie: The TEK10 and the TEK20

Datasheet - http://www.cncteknix.com/pdfs/TEKdrive%20datasheet.pdf

User Guide - http://www.cncteknix.com/pdfs/TEKdrive%20User%20Guide.pdf

Any questions people have I will only too happy to answer. Also, CNC Teknix Directly supports the CNC Teknix thread at CNC Zone. The thread is only new and can be found in the electronics section, but I will also carefully monitor here as well.

If anyone wants to contact me directly please PM me and I will reply with my direct contact information.

Promote and discuss your product / Re: Greetings From Australia
« on: May 08, 2006, 11:23:37 PM »
Thanks Brian,

After we get through the next few weeks with the official release of our servo drives, I will be concentrating on gaining a full understanding of Mach's capabilities and workings, so there will be lots of questions no doubt.

Take Care

Promote and discuss your product / Re: Greetings From Australia
« on: May 07, 2006, 10:28:38 PM »
Thanks Beer Buddy,

I will take a look at them. Thanks for the welcome. :cheers:

Hi All,

Looking forward to being part of this community. I'm new to Mach  ???, but wanting to fast track my learning curve ;D . "BIG" Thanks to Art and Ben for all their help so far.  ;)

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