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What Brian said is right, Art and the Pod designer are currently working on it, it will be fixed ASAP no doubt.


Ryan, Check 2 things

1. You are using USB 2
2. In the bios settings of your computer, do you have your USB set to "Legacy Mode" ? If you do, disable legacy mode and give it a go, if not, let me know and I will think harder.

Brian B had the same problem and after disabling legacy mode it run fine.



Hi Guy's,

Well back from a relaxing weekend. It is great to see the traffic coming through here regarding the Pod.

As Ryan has found out, it is necessary at the moment to use the SD Card on the Pod. For some strange reason, Art has never had to use one during his testing, but Art is the only one. There are other known issues regarding communication to the POD and shortly there will be another thread started that addresses a few of these issues. Most of the issues so far have been with certain computers and their settings or the fact that some have tried to use it with USB 1. USB 2 is necessary to run the Pod. I have notified the Pod Development team that this topic has started and hopefully they will start posting here soon as well.

I will endeavour to finish a basic wiring diagram and Mach setup guide today (Aus time) and post it up here.

Ryan, I agree that the info on the Pod is lacking at the moment, this is one of the main reasons we had this thread started. Please post as many questons as you can so we can compile a good list of FAQ's which will help us put together documentation that covers the main issues of the Beta version of the POD.   


Hi All,

Sorry for the large file size. but here is some video footage of my workshop machine running with Mach 3 and the NC Pod. The machine is Servo driven using MCG ID33003 Motors from Dan Mauch and our Tek10 TEKdrives. The spindle is a 2.2Kw 24,000 RPM AC Spindle Motor which is being driven with one of our inverters.

Hope you enjoy it, the file size is 17MB - www.cncteknix.com/video/motiontest.mpg



The Beta version is purely for those who want to be a part of the testing period. There will be an updated Pod eventually with some changes and many additions. So far the NC Pod is a USB device with a Mach3 Plugin capable of 6 axis control, 4 standard outputs, PWM spindle control, 1 e-stop input, 5 generic inputs and 6 homing switch inputs. I have been testing the pod for some time now and it is at the stage where the above items I have mentioned are working floorlessly. The motion from Mach3 is silky smooth. The best thing about the device is that apart from a few pin settings to configure in Mach3 ports and pins, the device is just plug and play, unlike a few other devices that need a good deal of hardware configuration prior to use.

There will be a version released this quater that will have expandable I/O and handle many other functions like smart tool changing, digitizing plus many other features that are currently being discussed.

I hope to get some more info up about the pod shortly.


Thanks for the poke in the side to get some info on the Pod up for the readers to browse. I will hopefully have a Photo of the Pod, an NC Pod connection and Mach3 setup pdf and a link to see video footage of the NC Pod and Mach3 in operation.

Take Care all


NC Pod / Welcome To The NC Pod Development, Discussion and Support Topic
« on: January 11, 2007, 09:09:17 PM »
Hi All,

Welcome to the NC Pod topic. This area is intended to discuss the NC Pod and to support those who are new to the device. Although the device is not yet commercially available, feel free to read on as the development team work towards its release. Please do not bother Art directly regarding the NC Pod, rather, post all of your questions here and they will be answered by the appropriate members.

Enjoy the topic, so far the NC Pod is coming along brilliantly.

Take Care


Promote and discuss your product / Tek10 Servo Drives On Sale - HOT
« on: August 20, 2006, 08:59:09 PM »
CNC Teknix has placed their Tek10 Servo Drives on Sale Until the End of August

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I have not forgotten about you, I am having trouble finding out info on the motor. I have an engineer at Siemans Australia on the case for me.




There, there, you know I'd never take offence to that, I'd just make you buy me a beer to help me to feel better (after I buy you the one I owe you). I'd love to help you on your next project. We are currently looking at a supply of nema 23 mount servo motors to offer as a product for you guys but we are also conscious of price and are trying to negociate a better deal. We will be announcing the give away this week or next week, it's worth around AU$3000 so stay tuned. Mariss is a great guy and supports the industry very well, I understand where you are coming from.

Hi All,

Just a quick note to announce that CNC Teknix has officially released the TEKdrive servo drive. Drives are in stock and ready to ship.

If you are wishing to purchase any drives, please let us know if you are a Mach Forum Member and refer your enquiry to Dave.

You can visit www.cncteknix.com to find out more info regarding our drives.

For Sales Enquiries - sales@cncteknix.com

For Technical Enquiries - technical@cncteknix.com

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