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General Mach Discussion / Re: Guideway compensation/mapping?
« on: May 04, 2007, 02:29:18 AM »
There is another way. Now I haven't had time to play with this yet but would like to look into it soon.

Look for Formulas under Function Con-figs.  It is my understanding that this could be used to correct for this error.

My machine does exactly what you were describing. I have about 1/8 of an inch difference between the middle and the edges of travel on the y (the bridge). Essentially the 1/8 error is on the tangent of around a 500 foot circle (guessing).  Unfortunately I am maths handicapped so i am going to enlist one of my friends who is much smarter than i am to help me figure it out.

After we finish some stuff at the shop i am going to spend some time on the big machine. I have a new 5 axis head in the works and I will be building a new y bridge that will be beefed up to hopefully get rid of the twist problem. 

As for keeping things totally straight and and square i have struggled greatly with this. I have found at this scale it is very much a chicken and egg problem. It is really difficult to build really flat and paralell things without something that is big and flat and parallel to use as a reference. Or a machine big enough to machine said surfaces.

All in all i am not too worried about it. The machine has already paid for itself in the molds we have built with it. and nothing is off more than .1 on the final molds. For our purposes that is entirely acceptable. Aerospace tolerances it ain't, but for home brew for us it is fine and will be getting better soon.


The pieces are fiberglass. We did wet layup on the molds then vacuum bagged them to get a smooth surface and consistent wetting of the cloth.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Retiring.
« on: April 24, 2007, 04:18:49 AM »

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You started it all. Nothing else needs to be said about that, the numbers speak for themselves.

I am sorry to see you go! As I am sure, the same goes for LOTS of other people around here.
I sincerely hope everything is ok with you and yours, and this is just a case of forum burnout. I have been there and done that.

Thank you very much, We will miss you.



Thanks Art!!

Could not of done without your help!

I m getting ready for 5 Axis soon... So I Will need lots more help from you and Brian for the 5 axis reverse kinematics. I have a new 5 axis head in the works. And will be in need of some software soon.
B.T.W i I want to switch over to a g-100 on the big mill as soon as practical. just need to let me know when things are stable enough..


the tough thing is finding a track that has a long enough straight away to do 150mph... stuff tends to fly by pretty fast at those speeds.

The scary thing is we have go carts that are only 30 mph slower than the cars. the carts are much more violent than the cars and are almost as fast... but i like driving the cars better.... Don't need a kidney belt ;)


They are a Speads rm. 1000cc Suzuki motorcycle engine. Lots-o-fun !!

Sorry for all the posts, spent the afternoon organizing pictures.

These are of a paddle shifter and display mount that was made on our converted knee mill running mach..


Thanks Guys!!

Yes is is a great feeling! Lots of time,$, frustration,learning but we are getting there.


These were cast from molds that we made on our big mill powered by mach..


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