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Ok , in short:

Config/ ports and pins/ input signals,  browse to to thc up-down, enable up and down and click emulated,  Hotkey should be left and right "Brackets" (  [ , ]  ) then go to mill option and click "alllow thc up and down even if not in thc mode...

Yes it works, but Z can only go up above +0,2 inches. If I start with a z -0,100 deep, I can cut get up ( not down) to +0,5, from there I can go down, but no lower than +0,2. Increments vary from 0,008 to 0,018 on fast clicks.

I'm really close to the goal. If I could get +/- 0,005 increments per click in -0 depth. I tried playing around with other options in mill options. I wonder if thc should be on in input signals.


Thanks a lot hood, I wish I had found the thread you just posted in my search trial. I'm going to try this procedure on a dummy-cut this morning.Too bad we can not revert to original settings but hey, miracles are hard to create, they usually happen... So I,ll try this and will post again later to sum-up this thread!

An inspiring group effort !


If this can be of any help, I work  with inches !
And thanks a lot for your effort everyone.


Hi Jim, Do you read minds ? This is exactly how I should have addressed the problem. Maybe my English is not as good as I thought (French speaking Qu√©becker)!!!!  I think Mach 3 is a great software and probably has a feature like this, or needs a macro to kick it in to gear. Allthough Tweakie might be coming with something, I don't mind having to stop the machine, but I like to keep it simple.

I googled couplers, holders nose cones, and not much help there, anyways, like Jim, I  like to make the computer simplify things for me, and a few simple clicks of a up or down button sound simpler to me, or maybe to shortcut other keys to serve this matter.

Back to my English classes now...

Have any links or pics of such holder?

HI guys, I'm new at cnc . I'm a sign craft er and often nesting 2 or more projects in one sheet. I would like to know if it is possible to change the  value of the Z-axis for a portion of the toolpath in progress without stopping the machine(when v grooves need be deeper because of varying letters sizes). Sometimes some portion of lettering are to shallow (Barely touching surface) because of the variance of the sheets.

might seem like a dumb question but sometimes I'd like to just press the page down button and give or take a few thousands of an inch, Of course, it's not like I'm  machining parts for NASA or anything ...

Thanks for your help !

General Mach Discussion / Re: Z issue , reoccuring.
« on: October 16, 2007, 08:29:18 AM »
 Hi chaoticone, I do have a 4 inch computer fan temperatures in my shop are reasonable (evenings are cool this time of year in Quebec), I have done longer runs without bugs, rapids were 200ipm on xy, 50 on Z.
 I will do the second face today and will sit by to see if I can spot the trouble. I'dd prefer it doesn't happen at all !!!

 Dan !

General Mach Discussion / Z issue , reoccuring.
« on: October 16, 2007, 01:43:33 AM »
 Hi everyone, Her is an image of what I find once in a while when I open the shop door !

See how my Z axis went berzerk  on letters "ns" and so on through the rest of the "oasis" word. I did many tests tonight and can't figure it out. All my tests revealed a precision of .002" on the z axis. Set screws are tight. Speeds: xy : 30 ipm, z plunge : 10ipms wich I feel are quite slow but they keep the grooves clean in tight radiuses. The gcode was generated with V-carve, the draw was done with Corel draw 12, impored to .ai 5.
any help welcome !

Hi yall, I'm new, Had my router ( 5X 10') 2 weeks ago. I love this addition to my sign shop and hope to get some R/C projects underway this coming winter !!!

Dan !

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