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Hello all, my name is Joe and I am new to my SXCNC 6040 and trying to get the X and Y working again but have no manual(s) for setting up the pin setting on the serial cable.

What happened, I was running this as it was working. I was looking over videos on Youtube as they were loading a sample gcode in MACH3 (Road Runner).  My version of MACH3 did not have this as I went to their site and did an update in which it matched with what they were showing on the video.

I loaded up the (Road Runner) gcode but now my X and Y does not move but my Z does, but I can only adjust the speed of Z from the control box. It does show on the MACH3 program the changes as if it was moving.

Does anyone have a SXCNC Manual?  I am hoping for some suggestions for these settings.  Thyx

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