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I thought both FRO and JOG

I  use PoKeys for change the JOG feedrate, but as wrote iv-cnc I cannot change speed while moving.
I want to find a way to change this.

I also want to enable Rapid feedrate while moving - with shift button (or external trigger)

Any suggestions?


I know that in MACH3 is  possible to move an axis in rapid feedrate using key SHIFT + arrow (Hotkey)
In this case it is necessary to press SHIFT first and then an Arrow key.
Is there any possibility to enable or disable rapid (G00) speed in opposite way (first ARROW and then SHIFT)
In this case it is not necessary to release an Arrow key for change the feedrate from JOG to RAPID or vice verse.

I want also to change JOG feedrate with analog input - when Jogging
Is this possible?

Feature Requests / Spindel pulleys, Inputs/Outputs
« on: February 03, 2011, 06:56:52 AM »
I have a machine MACHO 900 with a gearbox with 18 positions.
 I made an automatic change with pneumatic cylinders and  PoKeys card. I have also inverter controlled by PWM. (0 - 150%)
 The problem is, because in MACH I can't set more than 15 Pulleys. Is it possible to add more of them?

 I would also suggest more Inputs and Outputs in Port and pin settings.
 The PoKeys card can controll much more I/O than the two LPTs, but the settings are not available.

 I would suggest also a blank field in "Port and pins" for each Input, Output, Trigger to enter comments (for what is used)

I hope that this would benefit also someone else and that this can be done.

Brains Development / Re: Spindle% in MachTurn
« on: June 25, 2010, 02:47:59 PM »
Is someone already managed to solve this problem? ???
I  have tried all sorts but do not move  DRO74 (spindle%) :(

I have set soft limits also in positive range, but still nothing.
Soft limits work fine until start of NC program, when program is finish (or if program is stopped) they are not working any more.
After pressing a RESET button twice they are working again.


I didn't succeed to solve my problem.
Any idea or suggestion?

Sorry for a delay.
I haven't this machine at home.

We have three machine with Mach3 in company where I'm working and on all three we have the same problem.

I have attached xml file from one of machine.


 I'm using  plugin SmoothStepper_Beta2_v015ogb.m3p


I have read a few old posts with questions about problems with soft limits, but I didn't find an answer on my problem.

I'm using Mach3Version3.042.027 and SmoothStepper on my milling machine.
After I start Mach3 and send axis in home position, all soft limits work fine - also by maximal speed.
With manual moving isn't possible to exceed soft limit.
If now I start one of the program, soft limits are not working any more. Nor if the program was interrupted because of broken tool,
nor if program is finish normally.
Only if I press RESET button soft limits are working again.
This is in my case a very big problem, because my Z axes has only 115 mm and is very quickly on the limit.

Is there any possibility to solve this problem?

General Mach Discussion / Re: MPG Mode Screen load
« on: April 08, 2009, 01:44:11 PM »
It Works!


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