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SmoothStepper USB / Re: HobbyCNC and SmoothStepper - Happy Customer
« on: August 07, 2008, 03:08:03 PM »
I've been satisified with the backlash comp in Mach2, I tried Mach3 and there was some work around on the BC because it jerked when it comp'ed, it would break the points off the engraving cutters. I put it aside for when I had more time to mess with it. But I can say for relative certainty that I'm using exact stop because CV skewed small engraving, I guess the down side is the mometary delay when the Z axis retracts.

SmoothStepper USB / Re: HobbyCNC and SmoothStepper - Happy Customer
« on: August 07, 2008, 02:39:54 PM »
Dunno what the problem is, it's only an issue with one application; engraving. I guess I should mention, I'm still running Mach2, have yet to get Mach3 on line. I am using backlash comp. Don't know for certain on the exact stop setting but I think I am because the other mode skewed the lettering.

SmoothStepper USB / Re: HobbyCNC and SmoothStepper - Happy Customer
« on: August 07, 2008, 10:45:36 AM »
I'm using the Hobbycnc controllers as well and have been pleased with them, glad to hear that the SS works well with it.

I'd be curious to know if it solves the inherent dwell issues with normal parallel port usage. There is a brief pause when the axis's change direction, most notable when the Z goes to retract, nomally not a problem but I have one issue with a small special tool that gives me fits with the finish.

It's most definately related to the touch pad. I can even plug in the USB mouse and the wild swing in the pulse train will calm down, I'll get a few small spikes but nothing like the wide tall random pulses which occur regardless whether you're touching the touchpad or not. As if it were interrupt or polling related. I was hoping that someone ran across  interrupt change or a memory mapping change for the driver. I'm cramped for space hence the laptop requirement, no room for a mouse. What's weird is I'm running Mach2 on a 400mHz HP laptop and using the touchpad and it OCX tests fine on that machine. Might have a look at the windows setting on that machine & compare. Could it be the PS/2 port driver/configuration for the motherboard? If I use the standard PC configuration, the touchpad is disabled and installing the driver makes no difference, it's just not available, period. Standard PC config also makes the noisy laptop fan run wide open which is another reason I don't want to run in that mode.

SmoothStepper USB / Re: Question about Smoothstepper
« on: May 14, 2008, 07:10:18 AM »
I understand just one machine operating at a time, but I could use one computer to drive two machine controllers since SS is in effect 2 parallel ports correct? Just trying to avoid moving cables, reducing clutter & making better use of space,

OK, here's a new problem, I'm running Mach 3 on a Compaq Evo 610C laptop. When I run the ocx test, I'm getting wild! fluctuations in the the frequency and the graphic line display. I've gone thru the optimise process and the only thing that helps is the Standard PC configuration which disables the touch pad thus I've narrowed down the problem to the Synaptics touch pad. I've tried new & old Synaptics drivers to no avail. I can plug in a MS USB mouse and the OCX test is perfect. I can go back to the previous configuration and use the USB mouse and the OCX test is perfect. THe Touch pad is configured on a PS/2 port according to the system info. Any suggestions?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Moving off Limit switch
« on: May 13, 2008, 03:41:12 PM »
In Mach 2, I could simple hold the Reset button down with the mouse while hitting a jog key (arrow key) to jog off of the limit switch. Is this no longer the case in Mach 3?

SmoothStepper USB / Question about Smoothstepper
« on: May 13, 2008, 03:26:13 PM »
I use a HobbyCNC controllers to run my benchtop machines from a laptop, what kind or type of performance improvement could I expect to see? I'm guessing that since one machine is a mill with a 4th axis, and I have a CNC lathe, I could use one laptop to drive both machine controllers since it will control up to 6 axis, correct?

It seems the grunt is related to the backlash setting. I had the back lash set to %200 of max per another post because of the slow response of the back lash. If I disable it, the direction changes without any grunting. Guess I'll have to dig a little deeper there.

OK, found that screen with the tab. When I try to step an increment, no matter how large, it just seems to single step very slowly. Lost the job feature all together when I tab out.

OK a reboot seemed to solve that.

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