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General Mach Discussion / thc configuration
« on: March 10, 2021, 11:58:44 AM »
hello everyone. i am using avc118 thc https://bit.ly/3cbSOfa for a plasma ctting machine and this https://bit.ly/2OcM9d0 mach3 breakboard. the problem is that i dont know how to configure im mach3 the 5 terminals that communicate from thc to breakout board. i connected "motion" as an input terminal, and "enable". "up","down", and "start cut" as outputs. is this correct? this is the first time i try doing this, so please help me.

hi. i connected the board to a windows xp working computer using paralel port and usb port, i configured it with the right port adress, but there are no signals provided to the board according to the configarations i have done. only Relay and PW LEDs are on. its the first time i am using this. i hope for some sugestions. thank you.

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