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I applied Taiwan TBI SFA R 1620A1 D G C5 -559L ball screw.

The motor is this model.

The controller is a smooth stepper. (LAN )
I'm using Mach 4

There are several settings in the motor settings

Unit per counter

I set the others, but for various values on the motor
I don't know what to do.
When using a clear pass servo motor, can you share your settings?
Or, please guide me how to set it up

HiCON Motion Controller / ATC in HiCON Integra 7866?
« on: October 17, 2020, 01:56:14 PM »

I'm making a CNC machine
The motor will use a clearpass servo motor.

I started making a new CNC machine to make ATC (automatic tool change).
At first, I decided to upgrade my Chinese 6040 CNC to ATC.
In the end, I decided to make everything new.

We are planning to manufacture 3-axis milling type CNC.
I will be using the HiCON Integra 7866.

As I build my system, I have the most questions.
CNC thinks that it is not difficult to prepare motors and hardware.

I want to implement ATC, but I want to know the overall layout of it.

Method 1
Using HiCON Integra 7866, after the spindle moves to the tool change position, it receives the relay output, operates my motor, moves the tool to the required position, controls the air cylinder, and notifies Mach 4 of the success of tool change and tool change.
(No separate hardware and equipment required, necessary motor control, relay output can be received from HiCON Integra 7866)

Method 2
With HiCON Integra 7866 and the spindle moves to the tool change position, relay output. Perform the necessary operation on my separate hardware (Raspberry Pi, etc.) (relay control, motor control, air cylinder control)
When finished, relay output is passed back to Mach 4

How do I make the easiest and fastest way to implement ATC?
I want to make it as simple as possible
I can develop and make a simple embedded board,
Can I implement the functionality for ATC in HiCON Integra 7866?
Is the required hardware sold separately? (Software license, etc?)

Or do I need a separate system? (Modbus connection etc?)

Please tell me how to implement it easily with HiCON Integra 7866 so I can envision an ATC system.

General Mach Discussion / I want to know how Mach 4 communicates for ATC
« on: October 16, 2020, 08:24:26 AM »
I am making a new CNC machine using Mach 4 and SmoothStepper.

After checking many videos, I thought about the operation of ATC.

I can develop some embedded software and operate stepper motors and pneumatic cylinders. i can easily manipulate what i want by using raspberry pie or various embedded boards.
What I'm curious about is,
If i make a tool change order in Mach 4, how do i communicate that order to me?

When I receive a command called Tool 3, the CNC will move the spindle to the position for tool change. (I think it will be possible on Mach 4)

Here is the question.

When I receive an order to replace tool 3, how does Mach 4 communicate it to me?
If Mach 4 (tool 4) sends me an order to exchange
Operate the pneumatic cylinder (on separate equipment and board)
Start the step motor with tool 4 and move it to the required position.
Will deliver.

Then, operate the air switch to remove the old tool from the spindle,
We will replace the new tool.

In this case, I need to inform Mach 4 that the tool has been replaced.

I would like to know how to communicate for ATC on Mach 4.
Can anyone give me a detailed explanation?

I can make the communication and movement that Mach 4 wants

If Mach 4 delivers the data to me.

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