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Were the old drives PWM or SCR?

Yep some of those switching frequencies can be bad for some, and ok for others.

Interestingly you reminded me about this site which I must test on my daughter tomorrow, it's amazingly accurate so far.   Though there are higher frequencies I can still here with gaps in between.



I'm a purist and glutton for punishment it seems!    Besides don't think the band would "wear it" dum dum!!

Whats this mill you are doing? That old croaking BOSS I saw on youtube?    Where's the link to it?  Is it here somewhere?

Soon as I got something to show I'll put some Hardinge Machine erotica on Youtube with an appropriate Devo soundtrack!


It's OK Robin!    Oh and the vacformer which was for me.    Who'd have thought I'd had made over 1000 silly hats for Devo since March.    Thats spawned yet another project though.

I really could of done with the Hardinge during this time though, I had to sub a fair bit of work out.    Still we're getting there now.   Need to though as my original Hardinge (Smaller Spindle) will get a revamp when this ones done.


Haha.   Well Kinda!   I have done 2 more lathes, 1 mill and an automated plating line since I started this one ;)    Just none of em have Mach installed ;)   They were not for me though sadly.


Been waiting a fair bit on some updates to the smoothstepper for this project.   Originally it was going to be g100 based, but as we all know thats just about a dead project.

Spent most of the weekend doing more rewiring in the cabinet of the Hardinge.   Main thing to do was the soft start for the Servo power supply.   This is done and works a treat, no more nuisance tripping which I occasionally got when powering up the 1000VA supply.


Hi all.   I'll give you an update shortly.     Been a little preoccupied!


Thanks. well the picture above is of my 1st attempt which screwed up, I machined through in a few places. 

Did it again and was perfect.  I gave the picture to Bob who is the person in the pic last week when I met him in Paris.

I'd try a few more later, but I'll probably build a high speed router to do them on rather than tie up the VMC.


Where is the festival Hall Melbourne then?

Not bad, except I machined through in a couple of places!

VMC was doing nothing much last night so I let it run through the night.   My slow! 6000rpm spindle meant the feedrates had to be kept down with a 1mm dia ballnose.

Subject is Devo's Bob Mothersbaugh wearing my other handiwork on his head!



Now have those Ozzy DEVO dates.

31 – Festival Hall, Melbourne

1 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
2 – Splendour in the Grass Festival, Byron Bay (SOLD OUT)
4 – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
6 – Metro City, Perth

Can't get you free tickets I doubt.   But it will be one hell of a show.

I'm flying out to Paris  on monday to see them.   I got on the guestlist somehow ;)

Anyway if you need vac forming tips do contact me, after making 500 or more of those Devo Energy DOmes I got the hang of it now ;)


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