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Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: My Frankenstein 2
« on: April 25, 2007, 02:10:03 PM »
OLD!!   LOL...   Well ok 41 is pretty old...

General Mach Discussion / Re: servo drive connection
« on: April 25, 2007, 05:33:22 AM »

How well is your project progressing?


Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: My Frankenstein 2
« on: April 24, 2007, 08:06:11 PM »
They're coming to take HOOD away, HA HA
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Where life is beautiful all the time
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Couldn't resist sorry!!

Just in case anyone finds it useful here's the initial Macropump for the two overrides.

Spindle Speed CAPPING Courtesy of Aaron ;)

I only said I needed to write something to cap the overridden rpm if it exceeded my max safe rpm, and he wrote it for me!   What a kind Yorkshireman.


maxrpm = 6200

feedpot = Getinput(64) / 1023
spinpot = (getinput(65) / 1023)

spinover = (spinpot * 125) + 25

curSValue = getoemdro(817)
overRideRpm = (curSValue * spinover) / 100

If (overRideRpm > maxrpm) Then
  Spinover = (maxrpm / curSValue) * 100
End If

Call setoemdro(74,spinover)

feedover = (feedpot * 240) + 10

Call setdro(21,feedover)


The code is just test code as I get familiar with the Cubloc.   I will use some of it, as I will be using the LCD on the machine to verify that the PLC matches Mach etc.  I may create a button on the Cubloc to toggle through pages of info on the LCD.

Nope OemDRO202 is Overridden spindle speed not the Override as a percentage like on FRO.

It's got to be there somewhere, but where!


UPDATE:  Just found it from screen designer.     The Spindle overide % is OEMcode 74, so I tried OEmdro 74 and it now works as expected.

Dennis here's a bit of Cubloc basic I have knocked up to give me some idea of status on the Cubloc LCD while I an playing with it and Mach.

It will get more complicated but at the moment I can turn spindleand coolant on & off and alter Overrides no problem

EXCEPT I can't find the bleeding DRO code for the spindle override!!   Have these been documeted anywhere?


Const Device = CB280

Set Display 2,0,1,50
Wait 200

Dim coolant As Byte

Dim spincw As Integer
Dim sro As Integer
Dim fro As Integer

Opencom 1,115200,3,80,80
Set Modbus 1,1,20
Usepin 1,Out    'Coolanr
Usepin 2,Out   'Spindle CW   
Usepin 3,Out

Input 24
Input 25

Set Ladder On

  coolant = _P(1)
  spincw = _p(2)
  _D(10) = Adin(0) 'Read ADC0 Feedrate overide
  fro =_D(10)/10.21
  _D(11) = Adin(1)
  sro =_D(11)/10.21
Locate 0,0
Print "Coolant ",status(coolant)
Locate 0,1
Print "Spindle ",status(spincw)
Locate 0,2
Print "FRO Pot ",Dp(fro,3),"% fsd"
Locate 0,3
Print "SRO Pot ",Dp(sro,3),"% fsd"


Function status(raw As Byte)As String

   If raw = 1 Then
      status = "ON "
      status = "OFF"

End Function


The LCD is simple to write to.

It's just PRINT statements after a LOCATE x,y to put the text where you want it.

My application will take a fair amount of time to write completely, as I will be using a combination of Ladder, Basic and using Modbus for comms.  As well as a custom macropump for mach.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

Did you get yourself a Cubloc PLC as well or are you just starting out with the studyboard ?   I got both as I will develop the code with the studyboard before committing it to the CUSB PLC.

Really with these things you should be able to do just about anything.   The I2C will allow you to add io for just about anything over what the cubloc already gives you.   The BASIC allows you to do more complex stuff that would be very difficult in Ladder.


Well so far so good, just been playing with writing to the 4x20 display with the cubloc.   

It's quite a powerful little device. the basic is fast and has loads of features.   The beauty of it is the basic and ladder can run concurrently and share data between them.


Got some goodies in this week to enable me to carry on with these projects

A couple of I-PAC4 keyboard encoders for softkeys etc on both machines.

Some of those Silicone Keyboards which I hope to make rigid with a machined bezel.

Finally these Beauties.

Cubloc microcontrollers. first pic is the sudy board which I will use to test out the modbus connection and my macro's.

The other item is the CUSB-36R which is a pcb based DIN rail mounting PLC with loads of I/O  (48 pins in total) including DAC's ADC relay outputs, 5-24v Opto isolated inputs, etc etc, all for $164


Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: Just got a lathe to retrofit
« on: April 15, 2007, 12:20:50 PM »
What I was thinking was if the keys are high enough and have quite short travel it might be possible to create a thin bezel with holes cut out for the keys to make it into a rigid keyboard.

I'll find out when the two I have ordered arrive.

Just trying to get everything in for the onslaught on the Hardinge in May.


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