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General Mach Discussion / my Leadwell vmc and Mach3
« on: April 14, 2006, 02:48:50 PM »
Also posted in the Yahoo forum)

Well this w/e I decided I was going to try and get the VMC running on

Just about a week ago i tore out the Meldas Control, and decided because
the AC servo's were unsuitable due to a combination of being high
encoder count (5000lpr) and not being confident of find drives to suit
them , so they came out.

Couldn't find any Brushed servo's that would fit in the space (Y axis
only allows 230mm max motor.encoder length)

So back to  trusty steppers for a while  ;-)    After finding one of my
Parker OEM-650 drives would not step but would self test ok I thought
this was going to be a disaster of an easter w/e!

But carried on regardless just to see if I could get an axis moving.

Got the couplings made up and put a  34 frame 7Nm motor on X axis.

This motor would do just about 2200mm/min on the bench (10 microstep)
before stalling.

On the machine I was pleased to find with the compliant coupling and the
machine load I got 3600mm/min at 25Khz.

At 35Khz I can get 4500mm/min (177"/min) without any lost steps so far.

With a total of 350mm x travel thats pretty good. Not quite the 10m/min
the meldas and ac servos could do but pleasing  ;-)

Will try the motor on Z later (counterbalanced)

The G-Rex in a few weeks when I'm happy all 3 axis work well.

Now to get a couple more motors and another drive....


Here's pic of the machine before I tore out the control.

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