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General Mach Discussion / External emergency stop requested
« on: October 09, 2007, 09:59:23 PM »
Hello All,

I am new to Mach 3 and I occasionally get an "External Emergency Stop Requested" error.   I cannot find a reference for this in the manual.  I will be honest my machine is a small engraver and the keyboard is in right in front of the machine.  I do not feel an external estop is needed, so I assigned pin 15 for the estop and than shorted  pin 15 to pin 18.  Than to try to stop this error I tried a 100 mf capacitor across the same . Capacitor minus to 18.  But still get the error.

I am confused is it just false triggering or is Mach 3 looking for something I do not understand.


General Mach Discussion / Re: OEM trigger??
« on: October 09, 2007, 09:28:04 PM »
Hello Josh Learman,

I am an automotive induction heat treater also, close to Detroit.  I have built a scanner and "lift and rotate" and  several drop fixtures with PLC's but I never considered using Mach 3 as a control, it could save a lot of money and standardize all my interfaces  I just completed a three axis engraver (A personal project) but still trying to stop occasional "External Emergency Stop Requested" messages.

Induction noises from the stepper motors I suppose.  But that is nothing compared to High Frequency Induction noises.
I would be interested in how you control your logic signals around all that noise.

bill at wulkaninduction dot com

Hello xray man,

In reference to retrofit Vanguard 3000

My Xylotek board should be here today or tommorow and I just looked at one of the plugs for the servo and it has 10 wires.  They are a Crouzet 5.4 volt 1.8 step. 89904071

I assumed this was an open loop system.  Can you help me with wire info for motors,  please.



Hello agian,

I ordered the Xylotek 4 axis controller beacuse I might want a dedicated axis for rotation under spindle.
I guess to engrave pencils, anyways I am very interested in your laser project.  Did you build from kit?
Finally, do you know where I can purchase cutters for the Vanguard 3000.

Thanks for all your posts they are very informative, I will let you know when I am ready for your config file.



I just bought a New Hermes Vanguard 3000 with no control.  I would like to retro fit like you did.  If I bought the Xylotex stepper controller would you share your config file for mach 3 which I have to purchase a copy of as well.

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