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I'm spinning in circles trying to get Mach3 to run under Windows 10.

Here is some history.

I bought a old Optiplex 745 PC for it's parallel port. It was running Windows XP SP-3 and I had the LPT port in the BIOS set to ECP and DMA1. Mach 3 worked fine. The parallel port was communicating with my BOB.

It turned out the G-Code Ripper would not run under Windows XP

So I installed Windows 10. G-Code Ripper now runs, but Mach3 is not detect the LPT port. The BIOS settings have not been changed. When I install Mach3, when it tries to install the parallel driver; it says "no driver found.

Inside the device manager Windows says the driver is working properly.

I have tried run the DriverTest inside the Mach3 folder, but it doesn't work.

Has anyone here experienced this problem or know how to solve this problem?

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