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Mach SDK plugin questions and answers. / Re: Mach3 SDK.exe
« on: June 06, 2020, 05:18:48 AM »
Hi Tweakie,

There is a tutorial on making a plugin at https://www.machsupport.com/help-learning/videos-tutorials/
The first video under the heading "Plugin Development" shows the guy opening up a program called  Mach3-SDK.exe
It gives you a template to start with and allows for debugging etc, you can also see all the mach3 data that you can link into your plugin. Can you please take a look at Mach3 SDK (WMV) in the above link. Maybe I am missing something basic here. The files in the Tutorials are different than the SDK files I have downloaded from the mach3 website. I have added a couple of screen shots of the above video.

Cheers for your help,


Yeah unfortunately I need a few more than that. its using 32 inputs, not including motion stops and home switches etc  (they are done on the Galil card) and 22 outputs. I might be able to trim away some inputs and maybe a few outputs. I could remove the automatic gear change and make it manual for starters. This old thing is covered with sensors for everything. It has a robot arm thing with a gripper to take the tool from the carousel and insert it into the spindle. each action has a sensor and motion solenoids. I may just make an Arduino controller to do the tool change and use RS232 serial from mach3 to send the tool value.

Thanks heaps for all your time and effort.


The plugin is on the downloads page of mach3 website and the documentation is there also. there is even a forum like here too which ive also asked in but no response form anyone. The plugin is CONTEC. I have two CONTEC PIO-16/16T(PCI) cards in the computer. they are hooked to the tool changer and work perfectly in camsoft. Mach3 works with both cards when setting the ports/pins to OUTPUT#

I have attached all the info and some sample programs that came with the DLL file. You maybe able to make sense of it.


The cards are running through a Mach3 plugin to allow Mach3 to see them.

The port address in windows hardware manager are E480 for one card and E800 for the other card.
I tried these values with no success.

I think its only readable because of the plugin but dont really know. there is basically no information about the plugin but it allows for up to 4 cards so they must have made it to run over 100 odd inputs or outputs, i just do not know how to access them. There must be a way.



Yes i had tried that but with no luck. I have also done "dim Id as Integer" And I have changed the short to integer and to many other data types.

Mach3 talks to the cards fine in the Pins and ports setup and i can operate as many I/O as listed in the setup.
The PCI cards are listed as Port3 And Port4 in Mach3. so if i set Mach3 OUTPUT1 to Port3 pin1 then the card will output the pin1 on the first card.  Can i link OEM buttons or LEDs to Mach3 ports and pins without the OUTPUT1 command.

ie   OEMLED1 = port3.pin2 or something like that??


Here is the CDIO.DLL file and the CDIO Help file I found if you want to have a try.


Sorry I mean variable type not modifier. :-[


I tried your code but it does not work. I have done lots of research and found the DLL and the documentation that goes with it. I have run a little test macro and the INIT works and returns the ID and no fault but fails on the DioOutBit. Ive attached the code and i think it is because of the modifier "Id As Short" Its not blue like Integer etc

Can you run VB.NET coding in the Macro ??


Thanks, I will give it a try.


ok cool, when you say thread do you mean another different program running in the back ground or a script running inside of mach3? im a little rusty on my VB, haven't used it in years.

All your help is very much appreciated.


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