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attached is one G code

ok i will try and post the G code if that helps

Hi All,

I'm new to the C'N'C and have a system that is using the Mach3 program.
I have a lot of G code programs  but every time i load it up the image in mach3 is off the table at the bottom and you can't see it.
Not sure what i have done or it's something to do with the coding. I have tired many different ones and the same result. Any help would be great.
My father In-law had it working great and it's been handed down to me as he has passed away and i didn't get enough time to learn how to use it before hand.
If you can suggest any courses i could take to help me learn would be a plus.
Thanks again for any help.
Please see attached picture.

Cheers Gary.

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