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General Mach Discussion / Homing-offsets and pullback
« on: May 20, 2020, 09:10:02 PM »
I had the machine I'm working on with Mach3 all set, and then the guy I am helping decided he wants Mach4, and Mach3 until he's comfortable with 4.  So he changed to a different interface, Ethernet SmoothStepper, and I'm trying to get it set.

I'm learning this as I go along, so big gaps in my Mach3 (and 4) knowledge, I'm a factory automation/motion control programmer professionally, but new (ish) to CNC.

I'm trying to get back to where I was in Mach3, and now the homing is different.  It used to go to the home switch, back off a bit, touch it again, back off again, and then set the values set in the Home Offset Settings.

Now, after copying all the settings to make the new settings with the new driver, the home routines for X Y and Z hit the home switch and stay on it.  The odd part is that the Y and Z seem to back off enough to turn off the switch, while the X stays on the switch (In the debug screen it shows the X Home switch still active).  Although maybe that's just that the motor jumps back a half step when stopped?

The only option in the ESS Setup it seems is for their DLLs to control all of the homing.  I would think that the amount to back off after hitting the home switches should be a setting somewhere, but I can't find it!  I was even told by someone that there is a place to set that, but they don't remember where.

Any ideas?  Was the homing being done by the original driver, and I just didn't know it, and that's why it did the double touch etc, or is there a macro that was changed, or what?


I would like to make it impossible for the user to change some OEM DROs, and only update them from scripts.  Any way to do this?

Or, alternatively is there a mechanism to get a notification when a DRO is modified by the user so that other dros can be suitable updated?


I am new to Mach3, but a programmer in multiple languages, PLCs and motion control systems for many years.  I'm trying to help a friend set up a new (Chinese) CNC Router.  I'm working on a macro in Mach3 to do a simple probe to find the tool length.  When I run g31 with the current position minus one inch, it works fine, it stops (but does not retract any which the specification says it should), and variable 2002 (using GetVar(2002) ) always returns the part offset.  In other words, if G54 is active, with -12.4 in the Z offset, then GetVar(2002) returns 12.4 (positive value of the negative offset.  If I use no offset (offset of 0.0) GetVar(2002) returns 0.0.

What is going on here?

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