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Looking to see how you take one picture and make it into multiple

This is usually done in the CAD/CAM software prior to creating the Gcode for use with Mach3/4.
LazyCam is very old and outdated by modern CAD/CAM software standards - Vectric, for example, is reasonably priced and allows Copy & Paste as well as Nesting to create multiple images arranged to take the best advantage of material space.

Thank you for your response.  I am looking into it now!:)
Does Vectric produce gcode like lazy cam?

Looking to see how you take one picture and make it into multiple

When putting in a file how and in which program Mach 3 or Lazy cam are we able to step and repeat the picture to get multiple of the item from one sheet.

 I will have lots of basic and I'm sure silly questions that I am having trouble finding the answers to. We have had our plasma cutter and the programs for a few years and unfortunately got taken by "training/trainer" we were promised and paid for. So we are finally in a place we can try and make the most of our purchase and passion. Thanks for all help and Patience.  :)

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