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I remember getting the same thing when I was building the 2 state buttons, I couldn't figure out why they worked in the screen designer but not in Mach 3. I realized I had to download the Developers version that will support 2 state buttons.

The LED folder is from an idea of having animations buttons and LED's. That file is on a diffrent forum topic, you do not need it for the screen to work.

I'm trying to figure out where I went wrong.

It looks like just the LED buttons are not being display, is that right? Or are some not able to view any buttons?

I deleted all of my files in Mach 3, downloaded the files from the forum and it works.
The only things I can think of are:

-Are you using Mach 3 D 1.90.032
-How much ram do you have on your video card?
-Have you been able to view PNG files before?
-Has any of the LED buttons from other Screen set worked?

Has any one been able to load the screen set successfully? ???

I posted an image base explanation.

Should I relocate the destination file for the images? Is there a standard location to put custom screen? If not we should all agree on how to setup a file structure?


I like the idea of "Momentary" jog buttons; I'll make the changes on the final release.

I placed the stop button to hold a "step mode jog". I've entered wrong amounts to "step jog" and lost positioning by hitting the E-stop (not sure if we lose any steps by calling on a stop function). I'd like to have placed the Hold button but it will not hold a "step jog".
Will you upload your touch screen set?

Clause I think I know why it’s not working.

I'm not sure if the new Mach 3 supports LED buttons or if you have to download the Dev version?


The folder should be located in Mach 3\Bitmaps\Touch screen
Inside the folder you should have 3 folders and one PNG.

Sometimes when you unzip a file it will create a folder to hold the files, so you might have a folder call touch screen with a folder inside of it called touch screen. If so Cut and Past the folder inside the folder called touch screen into Mach 3/Bitmaps/

On the final release an installer will make it much easer.

Mach Screens / LED Animation Test
« on: May 05, 2006, 06:13:39 PM »
I'm working on a Universal Mach Screen that will have no texts just icons. This might help with the language translation problems.

While putting it together I thought it might be nice to animate the visual descriptions to avoid any confutations on what the buttons, fields or LED's where representing.

I included a simple sample of a hammer hitting a nail and a twisting green thing (they both will animate once the E-stop is activated).

I was wondering if this is a good idea and is it possible to have more than two states in a "LED button", giving an animation of an "on" state and another animation of an "off" state coming from the same "LED button".

Please tell me if I'm uploading too many files to Artsofts server, I'm not sure If you want me posting these test files to explain an idea or not?

                     -Animation Test file-
If you have downloaded the 3 Axis simple screen setup 1.0 and would like to see the test animation:

1. Place LED animation folder in: Mach 3\Bitmaps\Touch screen

2. Place Set file in Mach 3 main folder.

*I have remove buttons to display Animation.
This is an add on to 3 Axis Simple Screen 1.0 to test animation only.

We think alike and at the exact same time :o

I was just now talking to a friend at Oxygenscripts and we put together the same thing but a little bit different code.

I'll post one to open up “Windows On screen keyboard” and another to open up “CNT's on screen keyboard”. (Installing CNT to the default location)

It's amazing because I randomly chose CNT for the touch screen keyboard to use ;D

My friend is putting together a CNC friendly Keyboard for Mach 3.

You'll need to add the "LaunchKeyboard.png" to the "Touch screen folder under "buttons 2"

Here is the code but it's already setup in the included files.

Dim stAppName As String

    Dim filePath As String


    stAppName = "C:\WINDOWS\system32\osk.exe"

    Call Shell(stAppName,1)

Good idea I'll add a manual data input.
I didn't add it to this screen because I haven't start on the numeric keypad for Mach yet.

what's it like working with your simulated keypad?

Thank you very much for the positive response  ;D

I had never attempted to use the screen designer until after I watched Ynneb video tutorial. http://machsupport.com/forum/index.php?topic=527.0
These video's clearly show how easy it is to build your own custom interface.

The Artsoft Screen designer is an addictive program!
This screen set is my first, so it took me two days to build.
The majority of the time was creating and plotting the buttons and LED's.
While I was designing the buttons Artsoft came out with the new LED buttons. These buttons are a great idea and give a lot of possibilities.

                                   -Some hint-:

   To see or use the New LED buttons you have to download the newest Mach3 or Mach Dev.
                    -Image layers and transparent buttons-

If you’re working in multiple "image layers" with transparent buttons try to:

-Apply them last and all at once
            If a transparent buttons shows a rectangular place holder around it you can:

-Send bitmap to back

              If your background image is covering another image you can:

1. Remove the layer that is being hidden by the background

2. Hide all images,

3. Copy any buttons or LED's that will be over the image

4. Delete those copied buttons,

5. Import image that will lay behind buttons

6. Copy buttons back in.


The Mach3 Frame change was done using Windows Blinds.
Window Blinds is free program that enables users to personalize their Windows XP PC with thousands of different visual styles. You can make your own themes and apply them to individual programs. Stardock also has Object Docker and X cursor which is both very useful.


The screen set file and images are all included in the zip folder.

Place the "Touch Screen" folder in Mach3 "Bitmap" folder.
Place "Simple 3 Axis 1.0 in Mach3 main folder.
That’s it.

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