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HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Connecting Sainsmart ST-M5045 drivers
« on: October 15, 2019, 09:54:02 AM »
When I started Mach this morning I did so with the wrong profile (newbie confusion) and my profile appeared to be gone. I set up a new profile with all the same settings as before and now IT'S WORKING! I am using the enable active low setting.

I do have a networking issue that only allows me to use the direct connect method of communication but I will start a new thread for tat.


HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Connecting Sainsmart ST-M5045 drivers
« on: October 14, 2019, 04:53:36 PM »
I am having trouble getting motion from my CNC. I connected the ST-M5045 drivers as specified. All four drivers EN+ tied to J6 +5V and EN- tied to J15 NP0.

In Mach4 "Output Signals" configuration
"Enable #0"
Mapping Enable checked
Output Name = [P11] Output 0
Active Low checked

When I click the "Enable" button on Mach4 I hear an a slight audible click from the steppers. When clicking on "Jogging X+" I get no motion.

I used my DVM to check the EN pins on the drivers. The EN+ pin always measure 4.97 V and EN- measures 4.31 V when Mach4 is enabled. When Mach 4 is disabled I measure 0 V on EN-.

A couple of other observations (probably normal):
- When Mach4 is enabled the blue CPU LED does a double-blink pattern. When disabled I see a single blink pattern and the orange LED near NP0 lights solid.

Any debugging help would be greatly appreciated.


HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Connecting Sainsmart ST-M5045 drivers
« on: October 11, 2019, 06:05:06 PM »


HiCON Motion Controller / Connecting Sainsmart ST-M5045 drivers
« on: October 10, 2019, 11:49:01 AM »
I will be installing my new Hicon Integra 7866 controller this weekend. The only part I am confused on is connecting the ENABLE to the drivers. I see in the Integra manual that the 24 volt outputs on the J15 connector is used for ENABLE. I attached an image showing how to connect the ST-M5045 driver to a controller. The ST-M5045 is expecting a 5 volt output and specifies to use a 2K resistor inline to reduce 24 volts to 5 volts to the driver. My electronics experience is a bit rusty but it also appears this is an NPN connection so I should use pin 0 on the Integra J15 connector.

Does this sound correct? Any suggestions/corrections here are greatly appreciated.


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