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General Mach Discussion / Toolchange and Go To Zero buttons not working
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:59:56 AM »
hey folks, in trying to figure out how to use Run From Here i may have changed something with my safe z set up in config settings. now when i use the button to go to toolchange position, the z axis goes all the way up and trips the limit switch causing the machine to just freeze until reset. both of my machine are doing this and i realized today that it does the same thing by pressing the button to send it to the zero position too...what did i do? i am using mach 3 version R3.043.0453 with windows 7 and very old pcs(offline)- that will actually be for another discussion soon. thanks in advance,dan

FAQs / mach 3 toolchange issue
« on: September 18, 2019, 09:55:14 AM »
hello friends, i recently did some optimizing of my control pcs according to the steps shown in the 'ran out of data' help section. also, i made a couple of changes in the safe z set up settings in the config menu. i did not have any issues at first but now when i use the tool change button in my 2010 screenset the z goes all the way up and triggers an e stop. this is happening on both machines seperate control systems. also using ess if that matters. any ideas? im not sure exactly what i may have changed but something is not right. thank you in advance.db

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