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OK.. got the Touch Plate hooked up correctly now, and tried two different scripts for Auto Tool Zero..
Issue I am getting is scripts run fine the bit moves down to touch the plate stops and moves up to offset position.
When I hit G0Z0 or Go to Zero, the bit heads down to the alleged 0 but it does not reach the correct 0 for the stock used. It is off by half an inch or so.. with either script.

Thanks much.

General Mach Discussion / Touch Probe Issue
« on: November 02, 2019, 01:57:47 AM »
Got the simple touch plate and hooked it up per my stb5100 (usb) Controller manufacturer's instructions.
I have setup the input signal as probe with port/pin combination same as z-axes.. Probe has "enabled" checkmark and "Active Low" has checkmark.
When I short the circuit and touch the plate with the alligator clamp, on the diagnostics screen my INDEX light comes on instead of DIGITIZE?!
When I press Autotool Zero the Z axes movement does not stop to touch. If switch "Active Low" to disabled, Digitize light comes solid on regardless of circuit shorted or not. Index light still comes on to touch.

Wondering if anybody ran into this?

On my newly setup cnc my axes are moving fine, however for X axis my digital readout in Mach3 is showing negative values when my spindle is moving from left to right. meaning my 0 is at the most left edge of the table and instead of going to positive it goes into negative X direction and readings are negative.
My Controller is Stb5100, Motor Driver Tb6600. using laptop/usb..
I tried all combinations of different limit switch locations on LH/RH, Close/Far end along with changing Homing Directions to support that. I just cannot get a normal coordinate system: X axis to go to X+ when moving to the RHS, Y axis to go to Y+ going away from me and Z axis to go from Highest Position Zero towards Z- when going negative.

Many thanks in advance!

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