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One more detail, the stepper motors are rated for a maximum voltage of 90VDC. Is there a possibility that I am running them without enough power?

The motors are tuned to 75 for velocity and 24 for acceleration. I have used 0, 3 , and 5 for uSec step and I have not seen a difference in performance with any of the changed parameters.

Bob P.

I am pulling some parts off of the shelf to put together a router. I have a 12 VDC power supply, Stepperworld FET-3 stepper board, Mach 3 software and NEMA 34 stepper motors, 1.4 amp, unipolar, 8 wire.

I initially ran the steppers using K Cam just as a test (the first PC was a Win 98se machine) and the motors ran strong in both directions.

I then took this system to another system that runs Win XP Home and Mach 3 and configured it to run with this hardware. I have a really strong X-axis in both directions. My Y and my Z-axis are strong in one direction and I can hold the shaft from turning in the opposite direction.

I have checked and doubled checked the cable wiring and stepper motor driver board wiring. I have also changed the step signal to operate low with the same results.

Can you help me look for what I missed?  Thank you.
Bob P.

General Mach Discussion / Cadlink Signlab 7.0
« on: April 04, 2006, 04:28:31 PM »
I am retrofitting a home built router and using Signlab to generate my cut files. The router has 3 stepper motors and I am using Mach 3 to run the router. I have successfully output a polylineDXF file from Signlab and cut it on the router. The one feature that I can't figure out how to accomplish is the S-Sweep to cut out the background and leave the border and the letters for a sign. Does anyone have any experience on what type of command and what type of output file that works best for this operation?

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