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General Mach Discussion / Re: Trying to install a bit probe
« on: September 03, 2019, 03:35:22 PM »
Well as always so glad for suggestions and help to get me in the right direction. I had read that I needed a V script written and while doing my Big TEX search I came upon a you tube by a Charlie Sarsfield on setup Z axis probe and also shares the actual Vscript and with a few modifications /changes which he explains in great detail I now have a Z axis probe working perfectly. Now his instruction is based on a printer port controller and I have a ethernet connection so the Mach3 config was still a little bit of a challenge.
Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvV2Vmrxarc
Thanks again to those who took the time to reply and help me get this done! Tim

General Mach Discussion / Re: Trying to install a bit probe
« on: August 31, 2019, 12:19:45 AM »
Hello and thanks for your response, sorry for confusion but The CNC saw was build together with wife so not big name. The CNC machine is a 3 axis X Y Z unit. I have ball screws driving by Nema 34 motors. I saw back in the beginning for configuring my CNC saw that Mach 3 had a configuration setting that allowed for driving your bit down to touch probe plate to set your Z axis to zero. One was able to specify the thickness of the plate so it would subtracted from thickness to give a person zero. I have to manually switch out each bit and manually set Z axis using a slip of paper. It works well but it is time consuming see how most of my cuts are using 3 bits for 3 different toolpaths. I am attaching some pics to help you understand what I am dealing with, my bit are V120 down to V30 and several ballnose and mill. I have a 3/4 hp spindle that can handle up to a 3/8 dia shaft.
Thanks its and thanks again for your time, Tim

General Mach Discussion / Trying to install a bit probe
« on: August 29, 2019, 04:58:47 PM »
Hello all, I am still a beginner at using my CNC saw. I was helped greatly by this forum to actually now have my DIY saw up and running and having a been able to have many cuts under my belt.
I benefited from those on this forum on wiring and configuration besides helping me change some hardware.
I am using a ethernet Smoothstepper  controller board with BOB being MB3. I also have the latest build for Mach3. I am running my Mach3 software on a windows 10 version.
Back in late March and end of April is when I got the saw up and running, this issued me into learning layout and design and what to expect with different bits.
What I am trying to figure out how to configure is I want to use a bit height set plate. I will use many different bits for each project and up to now have to manually set each bits Z axis to 0. I have been lead to believe from watching some You Tubes that Mach 3 has the capability to us a Bit Plate for quick easy zero depth setting. I wrote a email to support but there response was to just use the probe connection. I understand that you can use that but no setup area for putting in the height of the plate to be able to give you zero on Z.
If anyone could steer me in the right direction on how to configure this will be mucho appreciated. I am also going to post the picture of my Z axis bit setting plate.
Thanks Tim

 Well my stomach now hurts from laughing, your opinions are highly regarded but your while very practical and helps, you do it with great candor. I will go checkout your leads to apps. I did the Vcarve and they free trial does give you the full power of there app but will not let you export anything you create. I will also download Fusion 360 and see what it will let me do.


Thanks Craig for speedy response. I guess again I don't understand what I should. I do own Mach3 software now but do I understand right that its only used as interface to my saw and can load Gcode into it. I am under the understanding I need a program to do my designs and then output to be loaded into Mach3. I thought Fusion 360 was free but looked at it and now have 30 day trail and then $500. Example I wanted to make small plaque stating my wife and I made our saw and then wanted to make a design for a bracket to connect a vacuum system. I saw that prices for doing truly extreme parts milling and watched so many YouTube video that are awesome. Those like commercial CNC machines are very expensive. I will download my trial version of Fusion 360.

Thanks Tim

Hi All, again want to say thanks for all the help you have given me, and Reuelt I love the way you think  :) on building a larger saw. MN300 I also agree in looking for away to keep dust away from my power supplies, THX. The learning curve as Craig said has just began and now asking what software would be a good start for me. I am just a hobbyist at this time and would like to make some simple signs and such. I have spent the last day looking and so much of the software is for true milling parts etc and extremely expensive. I just want to do some text and graphics (simple) stuff. Any suggestions again as always will be mucho appreciated.
Thanks Tim

 Howdy Craig, after re reading many times this bear of small brain understood, I always get mixed up when taking about Stepper motor which is used many times to say stepper drivers. Anyway I made the adjustments and the machine came to life. I am sure I will be doing some fine tuning but its works and I owe you a BIG Thanks!! attached is a picture of my SAW 1st test cut

Thanks sooooo much!


 Well I am obviously a bear of small brain, now that you put it that way makes very good sense :) ! I am heading out to do the settings in few minutes and will post a update, mucho thanks

Well Craig you have giving me a starting place and just think I thought I had a little grasp on this area and now realizing I need bunches of help. I will go in and check and I am sure I used inches.

Thanks again for coming through for me, Tim

I have motors connected directly to Ball screws. I have settings set sw 1 ON sw2 ON sw3 OFF, sw4 I left off and then I thought I needed to set sw 5 6 7 8 25600 not sure where I read something about that so OFF OFF OFF ON for SW5 thru 8.

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