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Mate your help has been invaluable..really appreciated....thank you

Apart from signs and stuff...the machine is going to be used to cut a lot of custom cabinet products I have been making by hand


Just looking at the servo settings on the driver and p1-44 is currently set to 16...do i change that to 5000?
p1-45 is set to 10 do I change that 10 1000?

adjusting the settings right up did make the machine rock but looks like will have too much movement vibration at higher speed and probably cause inaccuracy...machine weighs 1 ton x can go back and fourth that fast but it is to fast for the long y axis


Thank you Craig

I have book marked the homann website, valued info there :)
Do you know what figures should be in step pulse and dir pulse and g's ?


I was going to build the machine myself...then when I priced a few chinese ones with what I thought were the needed upgrades...cost was getting similar then all my time, effort and extra research needed to make it successful...was a better option to get one built from someone with over a decade of experience in manufacturing and some reasonable reviews...I dont really know much about the controllers...except for my little bit of experience with this one...it has been super easy to connect to...but I didnt realise that there were better options for controllers or what would be a good one to get...and I just accepted what they put in not even really knowing which one it was....I spent some time researching to get best value for accuracy and upgraded from the steppers and pully system to a decent gear drive and ball screw setup...i was going to go for Japanese motors but couldnt justify the extra 1200aud for my first machine.
The machine has got lots of little issues that I am solowly resolving but has done some nice stuff on my first few tests

So what would be your recommended figures based on the 2000Khz...do I still check the drivers for those settings you mentioned?


I edited the last post to include the pic I forgot to add :)

Hi and thanks a lot Craig...please see the attachment for my xhc controller is that the correct max signalling output 2000khz?

Yes rated rpm for motors is 3000rpm


i found it in the controller book i believe it is 2000KHz

I have an xhc ethernet controller, 25mm ballscrew.. measures 10mm pitch, each servo is connected directly to the ball screw, I am not sure what in the delta data sheet refers to maximum pulse rate.

here is a link to the pdf


General Mach Discussion / Re: ethernet or usb which is better
« on: January 20, 2019, 12:23:59 AM »
Hi...I just got my machine...it came with the ethernet communication...was very easy to set up...I just plugged the unit into a switch on my network, added a 192.168.... ip address to my ethernet adapter on my pc so that it was in the same subnet as the machine...pinged the machines ip address to make sure I could see it...which responded instantly...opened mach3 where the driver was already setup for it and I was communicating with it...I havent tried the usb version...but plugging a network cable into a switch and running the machine is a very cool feature...coupled with the webcam plugin the machine can be remotely controlled.
I have found next to no lag in communication as it responds to commands instantly...I am personally very happy with this option and ease of operation...and would recommend it in my experience

Hi I am totally lost trying to work out the settings for the motor tuning...hoping someone might be able to help.
I am unable to find/translate the needed information to make the calculations needed to enter the values for the xyz motor tuning profile section.

I have Delta ASD-B2-0721-B 750w servo drives and motors using Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission.

If anyone has any experience with these or able to provide some help finding and working out the values I would very much appreciate it as I am getting creaking noises on my x axis and high pitch squeels on my y and z axis.


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