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have a avid cnc machine with ethernet smooth stepper running mach3 and uses the avid breakout boards.
A coworker who is no longer with us installed a ribbon cable in the port 3 of the ESS and the ribbon cable goes to a seperate board that then allows you to connect regular panel wiring to pins you choose.
He used the port3 to control a stepper/servo motor. could someone explain how he may have set up the machine to use port3 to send the pulse and directions to the motor that he mounted for a spindle?
Is then in Mach3, or something you have to setup in the ESS?   Thanks for any assistance, have not messed with this in a couple of years.

Have a question i hope someone can assist with.
Have a machine we purchased from Cncrouter parts, its a Pro table with a x,y,z axis and is a very well built machine.
machine is operational and have been able to create g code files from 3d image files and run on the machine.
At the moment i have a ink pen mounted on the end of the z axis that is used to draw the pattern on a sheet of paper just to test and make sure everything is working.
Will be looking at mounting a floor mounted extruder machine and run a hose from it to the z axis and attach to the end of the z axis.
When machine is started, will start the extruder and extruder material to duplicate what was drawed on the paper.
At the moment,, starting the print from the Mach 3 screen.
is there a way to use the Mach3 to load the G code file and then a remote input such as from a push button etc. be wired into the machine to start the print cycle.

Working with a xyz table we purchased from Cncrouterparts that has a SmoothStepper as the brains and uses Mach3 to control the table.
Is there a way to remotely start the table from a input into the unit and when completed give a output that could be used remotely to know that cycle is complete, move the completed item out of the way and then we will be designing a feed type table to feed new product into place and once in place then start the xyz table?
In other words, we will the xyz table and automatically feed something into position and the start the xyz table and once the part is completed then give a remote output that could be used to signal the control system that part is complete now move it out of the way and move a new item in position on the xyz table.

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 Auto Tool Zero
« on: March 19, 2019, 08:52:46 AM »
New to this and using this forum to try and learn more and hopefully someone can help with the following.
Have a Pro48 unit purchased from CNCrouterparts and it is a awesome unit and have went to directions and have got the machine to run. Have followed youtube videos and went through the Auto Tool Zero steps using the touch probe unit we purchased from Cncrouterparts to set the x,y, and z axis zero reference as to where to acutally start on our work table and it works perfect. What i am trying to figure out is after we go through this procudure to set the Auto Tool Zero is there a way to save that permanently so that if we turn the machine off or turn the PC off we do not have to go through that procedure everytime we turn them off.

General Mach Discussion / 3d printer
« on: December 04, 2018, 02:29:33 PM »
Ethernet smoother and Mach3, how can we use this to control a external AC inverter that could be used to control the speed of a floor mount extruder?

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