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Another thing I discovered: When I run Mach3 under Normal Printer Port Operation, the Z-axis motor tuning works fine. However when I run it with the Smoothstepper driver (beta2_v015ogx) the problem appears.

Also, I'm using Smoothstepper.

I've attached my XML file.



I have a new installation of Mach3 (lastest version R3.042.031) and my Motor Tuning for Z-axis resets to 0 as soon as I touch the slider bar or input a number. The X and Y axes work fine but the Z axis starts at the default value of 120 mm/min Velocity and 4 mm/sec^2 Acceleration, then as soon as I touch the slider the blue line on the graph disappears and no matter what I do - input a value or adjust the sliders - the blue line never returns to the graph and the Velocity and Acceleration values stay at 0. Any idea what's wrong? As it is I can't tune the Z-axis.


Edit: Problem occurs only with Smoothstepper, not with Printer Driver.

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