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Thankyou Craig for taking the time to help, by setting my set motor units to 200 where I had them in Mach3 it has resolved my problem.

Youll have to forgive me Craig i am very new to Mach4- hobby. Im still trying to get my head around it. I can't even find the DRO properties slider. It appears as if everything is still in Inches soft limits, motor steps, current positions etc etc.. current position says its in mm but is definatly reading in inches when moving. In Mach3 my motors were set a 200 counts per unit now it is set at 10000 per unit so im presuming inches.

Thanks Craig for the reply, Yes can confirm that units are set to metric in both places.  And the DRO say's MM but still measuring Inches.

Hi newbe here.

Could someone please tell me why when I have my machine set up units and control units set to MM in the general config. I have the current positions reading in Inches?? I have made changes and restarted but does not change?

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